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This year we are pleased to welcome two new charity partners to the Crows Children’s Foundation.

We will partner with these organisations and support them throughout the season, lending the strong AFC brand to help further build their profile and fundraising endeavours.

Kickstart for Kids: Kicking Goals for Kids

The Crows Children's Foundation will support Kickstart for Kids in 2017.

March 21, 2017  6:40 PM

Kickstart for Kids - $100,000 of support

The Foundation will be working closely with Kickstart for Kids throughout the season to help them provide 40,000 breakfasts each week to children in primary schools throughout the state.

It is hard to believe there could possibly be a demand to provide this many meals each week to children who are going to school hungry, but sadly there is.

To start a school day with no breakfast results in poor attention span and behavioural issues.

Several of our 1-4 year players volunteer in this program and we would like to encourage all our supporters to also lend a hand.

Your support can be by donating your time at your local school to help prepare breakfasts, transporting produce, or consider donating for every goal we kick on the field by clicking here.

For as little as .25c per goal your support can directly help funding the running costs of a school’s breakfast program for one month.

"Breakfast has an enormous effect on our students as they go into class feeling contented and ready to start the day. We have no doubt that breakfast improves their ability to concentrate, stay on task and get along with others."

- Chris Elliot
School Counsellor, Hendon Primary School

CanTeen - $12,240 of support

CanTeen exists to support young people when their lives are turned upside down by cancer – whether by their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis or loss of a parent or sibling.

The Foundation has provided seed funding to help launch Canteen’s “A Stronger Me” pilot program, which we hope will be successful and continue for years to come.

This program will provide 20 teens with sx life skill sessions based on:

Mindfulness – reducing barriers to wellbeing

Movement – exercise sessions

Food, nutrition & cooking

Being You – Workplace Skills

Staff and players of the Adelaide Football Club will host several of these sessions, alongside other inspirational speakers.

Click here to see the full list of grants funded by the Foundation.