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Growing with Gratitude Program

Ashley Manuel, creator of the Growing with Gratitude program, talks about how the Adelaide Crows are helping to develop positivity in young school children.

June 20, 2016  12:59 PM

In 2017 the Adelaide Football Club will again be coordinating the 'Growing With Gratitude' schools program.

The program aims to improve the mental health, thoughts and habits of primary school children, developing an attitude of gratitude by promoting kindness, mindfulness and happiness with 130 schools and 35,000 students involved.

Each of the ‘5 Habits of Happiness’ have a number of different activities and actions to practice and aid the development of positive behaviors.

The program provides a great introduction session to Dr Martin Selligman’s PERMA model that is being filtered through the Australian Curriculum. ‘Growing With Gratitude’ is linked with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA); Health and PE and the Personal, Social and Physical Education Scope & Sequence (PSPE) in the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and follows the PERMA guidelines.

The ‘Growing With Gratitude’ Program consists of a presentation conducted by AFC Community Development Staff. The presentation contains videos with the Crows Players, plenty of giveaways for the students and a fun filled guest appearance from our club mascot Claude the Crow. Each student will receive Crows merchandise including a Crows Scrapbook with activities, games, competitions and information relating to the ‘Growing With Gratitude’ Program.

Football clinics will be on offer for Reception – Year 3 Students, whilst older students from year 4 to year 7 and their teachers will be left with lesson plans, activities and the opportunity to earn rewards and win prizes through the ‘Growing With Gratitude’ online program.

For more information on the ‘Growing With Gratitude’ Schools Program, please contact Brooke Jeffs on 8440 6681 or via email:

Also, you can visit the Growing With Gratitude website: