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Clash guernsey unveiled

November 27, 2012 2:15 AM

Rory Sloane in the new clash guernsey

Rory Sloane in the new clash guernsey

It’s an awesome guernsey and we are all pumped to wear it for what promises to be a big 2013 season

The murder of Crows has been chosen as Adelaide’s 2013 away guernsey.

Star midfielder Rory Sloane says the team can’t wait to wear the new design.

“The players have had a big part in creating the new away strip,” he says.

“I personally love the design because it has some background, a story that every Crows member and supporter can relate to.”

Sloane is referring to the story of the ‘murder of Crows’:

On the ground and in the stands …

When we’re wearing this guernsey, anyone can see that they’re taking on more than one man, more than any ordinary team - we’re packing the energy and determination of over forty thousand loyal fans.

The 19thMan. You’re with us, every game. 

“It’s an awesome guernsey and we are all pumped to wear it for what promises to be a big 2013 season,” Sloane says.

“We want as many Crows fans to travel with us to our interstate games and through this design we’re able to show our fans how much we appreciate their support.”

The Club is excited about the originality and concept of the away guernsey, and is happy to finally unveil it to members and supporters.

The three-coloured hoop design, aligned with the Club since its inception in 1991, continues with three flocks of birds flying in unison. The design symbolises thousands of Crows fans coming together as one to take on any opponent.

The guernsey is available at CROWmania and participating retailers.

“I encourage people give it a go," Sloane says.

"Read its story and continue to support us in 2013.”