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Wickets and wombats

December 10, 2012 4:00 AM

Crows on The Cricket Show
Tex didn’t hit a single ball in the warm-up … but he hit every one when the cameras were on, which I guess is when you have to hit them

Out with the old …
The offseason is always a time for change and there has been some movement on the domestic front at West Lakes. Second-year midfielder Sam Kerridge has moved in with Patrick Dangerfield and his partner Mardi. Kerridge has taken the room made vacant by Will Young, who is travelling overseas. Another former rookie Sam Martyn, who has signed on to play with Woodville-West Torrens next year, will continue to let a room at the Dangerfield residence. Also in need of a new place to stay, Aidan Riley has shacked up with Mitch Grigg and Rory Laird, who have both moved out of home for the first time.

A Crow Christmas
An honorary (and non-paying) member of the Dangerfield residence, Tom Lynch’s welcome has been extended to Christmas with the Dangerfield family in their hometown. Lynch’s girlfriend and immediate family have also been invited, making for a cosy Chrissie in Moggs Creek.

A matter of time
Thick as thieves, Dangerfield and Lynch arrived at the Club together one day during the break to try on the new Puma gear. Danger took less than a minute to establish his size in guernsey, shorts and shirt, but Lynchy was not as decisive. He tried on a several different sizes (some more than once), taking more than half an hour to submit his figures. Fortunately, Lynchy’s movements have been swifter on the field – he blitzed his personal best result in the first five-minute run of the summer.

Tattoo you
The offseason can also be a time for new ink work. Ian Callinan, who has added the name of his six-month old son ‘Harry’ to his arm, now has three tattoos. Callinan has the name of his eldest child, Jack, tattooed on his opposite arm and a Central District premiership tattoo on his chest. Young Crow Cam Ellis-Yolmen had some artwork incorporating the Aboriginal flag tattooed on his chest, while new rookie Jack Osborn, who has multiple tattoos from his time in the US, is also inked up.

Bernie Vince and Taylor Walker lived out a childhood dream recently when they met the Australian cricket team during a practice session before the Adelaide Test. The visit was orchestrated by Tom Lynch, who is good mates with Aussie fast bowler James Pattinson. Lynch and Walker took their involvement at the Test to another level on The Cricket Show on day three, facing paceman Brett Lee in the nets. A talented junior cricketer, Lynch was clean bowled first ball while occasional big-hitter Taylor Walker got two good shots away. “Tex didn’t hit a single ball in the warm-up … but he hit every one when the cameras were on, which I guess is when you have to hit them,” Bernie Vince said of Walker’s prime-time success. Self-confessed cricket ‘tragic’ Sam Jacobs also had a hit recently, supporting a charity match for Little Heroes. The big Sauce hit a six off former Carlton and Brisbane spearhead Brendan Fevola before being tackled mid-pitch and run out. “It wasn’t a legitimate dismissal,” Jacobs laughed afterwards.

Dinner with a difference
New rookie Tim Klaosen received a special initiation shortly after becoming a Crow. Klaosen was one of several players invited around to Graham Johncock’s house for dinner recently. The hero of the meal was wombat, which Johncock took great pride in telling his guests how he’d hunted and prepared. In case you’re wondering, it tastes “like kangaroo, only chewier” ...