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December 20, 2012 12:13 PM


Crows captain Nathan van Berlo with lottery winner Marg Roocke

Devout Crows supporter Marg Roocke was presented with a $50,000 cheque as the winner of the Club’s Community Lottery.

Captain Nathan van Berlo handed over the cheque to a very surprised Marg at AAMI Stadium.

“It was a thrill to meet Nathan van Berlo and have my picture taken with him, what a friendly, easy going guy he seems to be,” she said.

“A girl from the Phoenix Society rang me to tell me of my win.  My first words (after she had finally convinced me that I had actually won the raffle and it wasn't a joke) were something like - oh my God this is unbelievable.”

She hopes to share her winnings with her husband and purchase a new car.

“We have been planning on buying a new car for the last six months so hopefully we can do that and have some left over.   I still can’t believe we won!”

The Roocke family are looking forward to the 2013 season with Marg wishing the team all the best. “Have a great season – I can’t wait for the first bounce… go the Crows!”

The Club has partnered with the Phoenix Society to manage the sales and marketing of the lottery on behalf of the Club.  Members are contacted by Phoenix to purchase individual tickets or a book. 

The Community Lottery is a very important fundraising component of the Club and all funds raised support vital Club Community Programs such as Crows in Schools.

The lottery runs twice annually and will continue next year in January and May.  For more information please contact Kelly Modra at 8440 6666.