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Fans on One: Scott Thompson

March 6, 2013 4:48 PM

Scott Thompson addresses the big issues in Fans on One

Scott Thompson addresses the big issues in Fans on One

From tattoos, to life after footy and (of course) his biceps, star Crow Scott Thompson sits down to answer your Facebook questions …

What do you like to do outside footy?
Rebecca Arthur

“Well, Rebecca, I have two young kids – Ava and Harry – who occupy a bit of my time. I like to spend time with them and we go to the park quite a bit. I also enjoy fishing, but I don’t get our anywhere near often enough. I don’t have a boat or anything like ‘Danger’. I’m sick of Danger talking about fishing and his boat. From what I’ve heard, he’s the world’s worst fisherman. He’s got all the bells and whistles, but cannot land a fish.”

Who are you most looking forward to playing on this year?
Leanne Piper

“Ryan Crowley got the better of me a couple of times last year, so I probably owe him one if we happen to play on each other again.”

Which rookie or new recruit has had the best pre-season?
Bradley Neumann

“One guy I’ve enjoyed watching is (rookie) Jack Osborn. For a guy who has hardly touched a footy in the last few years, he’s made great progress. He’s getting better and better each week. He’s still got a long way to go coming from a basketball background, but there are signs he’s going to be a player for us.”

Having played in front of big crowds for so long, when the siren goes ahead of the first bounce do any other thoughts other than the coach’s orders go through your mind?
Matt Brownlow

“By that stage, I’m zoned out and unaware of the crowd. You do think about what the coach has said, what the team is trying to do and what your role in the game is. There are so many things to worry about, but adrenalin kicks in at the opening bounce and it tends to just happen.”

Who would you pass the ball to, to win the team a game?
Daniel Fechlie

“I think Jason Porplyzia is a beautiful set shot at goal, so I’d love to have the ball in his hand.”

Do you think you’ll go into coaching when you finish your playing career at the Crows?
Steve Williamson

“It’s a funny one. The longer I play, the more I think yes. I’m starting to get the bug to coach or have a development role somewhere along the line. The idea of working with young players and helping them improve is quite appealing to me. As a player, for a long time in your career you’re focused on what you’re trying to do as a player and what you need to get better at. You’re not as worried about everything going on around you. Now, I’ve got my game to a level where I can control my playing performance and still have an impact on my teammates.”

After falling five points short of a Grand Final last season, how keen are you and the boys to go all the way in 2013?
Daniel Amato

“I certainly hope they’re very keen. The way I read it, from being around the boys all the time, there’s a real enthusiasm and hunger to get back to that point. I’ve played in three losing prelims now and it’s not a nice feeling. We’re hoping to get back there, win a prelim and put ourselves in a position to, hopefully, win a premiership.”

What do the tattoos on your ribs say?
Bec O’Connor

“The tattoos on my ribs are my children’s names; Ava Lily and Harry Scott. They are the only tatts I have.”

What is a typical workout? And how do you keep the guns in shape?
Russell Hewetson

(Laughs) “I do enjoy the gym. There are definitely a few boys here that are bigger and stronger than me, but if I cover off certain areas in the gym I do feel great confidence out on the field. I know my body is right to go and that I’ll have the strength to hold my opponents off.”

Do you find it hard to find t-shirts to fit your biceps in?
Mark Bridgewater

(Laughs again) “No, that’s not the case!”

What do you bench press and squat?
Matthew Benger

“Not a lot! We do one-rep max and I think Jason Porplyzia or Josh Jenkins have the best. It might be around 138kgs. I’m about eight kilograms behind them. It would be pretty similar in the squat. I think ‘Porps’ has got me there too. He’s a phenomenal athlete.”