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Crows embrace Ugandan orphanage

Jill Moss  April 15, 2016 9:39 AM

Children of the Ugandan Orphanage Home of Live and Dreams wearing their Crows colours with pride

Children of the Ugandan Orphanage Home of Live and Dreams wearing their Crows colours with pride

A group of young Ugandan orphans are wearing the Adelaide Crows jumper with pride.

The children live at the Ugandan Orphanage Home of Love and Dreams (HLDM) in the small town of Mbarara, about 300km southwest of the Ugandan capital Kampala.

Adelaide Crows fan Bernie Scanlan, a long-time supporter of the orphanage, organised the donation of Crows jumpers to the orphanage in east Africa which cares for around 20 children.

Scanlan last visited the orphanage in 2012 and took a Crows guernsey which he gave to an eight-year-old boy called Arafat who immediately donned it with pride.

Scanlan later showed the photo of young Arafat in the jumper to staff members at the Club, who then organised an entire set to be posted to the orphanage in Uganda. They arrived after three months in transit, much to the joy of the local children.

Local women living in the village made minor alterations to the guernseys and shorts on an old sewing machine so they all fit the children.

The Home of Love and Dreams was founded in 2007 when Bernie Scanlan met David and Esther Kamanzi, a local Ugandan couple with a vision and heart to care for the orphaned children of Mbarara.

The orphanage opened with just five children, but thanks to the dedicated fundraising efforts of Scanlan over the past nine years, the orphanage has grown and now houses 20 children. 

Bernie hopes to return to Uganda in 2017 to visit the orphanage, but this year he is focused on a 1000km walk across Brazil in May to raise more valuable funds for the orphanage.

Click here to support Bernie’s fundraising campaign and donate towards the Home of Love and Dreams