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Quiz: Showdowns

April 6, 2017 12:10 PM

AFL 2005 Rd 3 - Adelaide v Port Adelaide

Mark Ricciuto was one of Adelaide's star Showdown performers

Consider yourself a Showdown specialist?

It's time to put your Showdown knowledge to the test ahead of Saturday night's huge clash at Adelaide Oval.

Many of Adelaide’s greatest and also most painful moments have come in Showdowns since Port Adelaide joined the AFL in 1997.

From triumphant wins to heartbreaking losses and everything in between, the intense competition between South Australia's greatest sporting rivals always seems to deliver on the Showdown stage.

Can you recall the very first Showdown 20 years ago? How much can you remember about past Showdown Medallists, goalkickers and debutants?

Test your Showdown IQ by taking our quiz below!