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Natasha Wade  August 7, 2017 2:37 PM

Growing with Gratitude Partnership & Fagan Presser The Minister of Education and Andrew Fagan launch our Growing with Gratitude Program.
We are determined to provide as many South Australian children as possible with the tools and skills they need to lead healthy, successful and productive lives

Adelaide’s Growing with Gratitude schools program has received a welcome boost from the State Government which will mean even more South Australian kids will benefit from the program in the future.

The health and wellbeing program is delivered by the Crows’ community team and aims to help teachers, students and their families build and protect their mental health through developing gratitude, kindness, empathy, optimism and mindfulness.

Currently the program is delivered to 150 schools each year, but a $450,000 investment from the State Government over the next three years will see the program visit even more schools, with a particular focus on regional areas.

Adelaide Football Club CEO Andrew Fagan said the Club had been successfully delivering the important program to South Australian schools for more than two years.

“Through our Growing with Gratitude program we are determined to provide as many South Australian children as possible with the tools and skills they need to lead healthy, successful and productive lives,” Fagan said.

“We are extremely grateful that the State Government has provided a financial commitment to assist the Club to grow the program and reach even more students across a range of socioeconomic areas.

“It is important we teach children these skills and habits as it helps them develop resilience with everyday challenges in their lives and gives them the best possible chance to succeed.”

The program is based around learning the ‘Five Habits of Happiness’ through both verbal and physical activities led by trained staff.

Through the program, students learn to:

- Be more resilient, relaxed and engage in positive experiences
- Form stronger friendships and exhibit kindness more frequently
- Be more optimistic and show increased self-esteem; and
- Focus on academic achievement and improve decision making.

Minister for Education and Child Development Susan Close said the program currently reaches approximately 35,000 primary school students each year, with an aim to grow this number across the next three years.

“Teaching children these skills as early as possible in their journey helps their overall emotional and physical wellbeing, and promotes positive thoughts and habits,” Minister Close said.

“Research strongly links happiness with being grateful - and gratitude is linked to improved emotional and physical wellbeing.”

The Growing with Gratitude program was developed by former Immanuel Primary School teacher Ashley Manuel and is currently accessed by schools and families in 44 countries. It is also linked with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA): Health and PE and the Personal, Social and Physical Education Scope & Sequence (PSPE) in the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and also follows the PERMA guidelines.