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Ben Collins, AFL Media  September 23, 2017 3:01 PM

Highlights PF: Sloane and Danger collide Huge collision as Sloane and Danger meet

Adelaide star Rory Sloane doesn't expect to have a case to answer for the bone-jarring front-on collision that sent Geelong champion Patrick Dangerfield to the deck in Friday night’s first Preliminary Final.

A suspension would rule Sloane out of next week's AFL Grand Final but the tough midfielder believes it was an accidental, though brutal, clash that is simply part of the game. 

The biggest, match-defining moment of the Crows' 61-point win at Adelaide Oval took place late in the second quarter when the Cats were mounting a challenge.

Dangerfield contested an aerial ball before gathering the crumbs and handballing off as Sloane approached from the opposite direction.

Sloane, a close friend and former teammate of Dangerfield's, appeared to brace himself for contact at the last moment, collecting Dangerfield with his right shoulder and forearm. 

No free kick was awarded and no report was made.

Dangerfield was momentarily motionless on his back and got to his feet within 15 seconds. He left the field under his own steam for a medical assessment but returned to play out the game, seemingly with no ill effects, and was one of the Cats' best players.

It would shock the football world if the Match Review Panel suspended Sloane, given the consensus of expert opinion that he didn't do anything untoward. 

Channel Seven commentator and Geelong great Cameron Ling observed at the time: "Just two fierce competitors going at the footy – nothing wrong with that at all. Total commitment from both players."

Former Hawthorn hard man Dermott Brereton said Dangerfield should have received a free kick for late contact but believes Sloane will be "safe as houses" for the Grand Final.

Sloane seemed surprised on Saturday when it was suggested he could be cited by the MRP.

"I haven't really thought about it too much. It was just a big hit, a collision," Sloane told SEN radio. 

"We've both pulled up pretty sore from it. I haven't really thought about it until you guys started to fill me in on the headlines and that kind of thing.

"It's something that's out of our control as well. We'll see what happens."

Sloane explained that he initially ran towards Dangefield with "a lot of speed" and had planned to tackle him, before trying to intercept his handball. 

"I don't really remember too much about the collision. I just remember pulling up a bit sore last night – my face, my neck, my chest," Sloane said. 

"You definitely know when you hit Paddy – he's such a strong man and just an absolute bull.

"Looking back on the footage, I hope Paddy's fine this morning. It was certainly a solid hit for both of us."