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List Changes

Jordan Gallucci (National Draft pick No.15)
Myles Poholke (National Draft pick No.44)
Elliott Himmelberg (National Draft pick No.51)
Matthew Signorello (National Draft pick No.62)
Ben Davis (National Draft pick No.75)
Reilly O'Brien (rookie upgrade)
Ben Jarman (Rookie Draft father-son selection)

Nathan van Berlo (retired)
Matthew Jaensch (retired)
Luke Lowden (delisted)
Keenan Ramsey (delisted)
Jarryd Lyons (traded to Gold Coast)
Ricky Henderson (delisted)
Mitch Grigg (delisted)
Sam Shaw (retired)

Draft video

Ben Jarman Presser 28 November

5:26pm  Nov 28, 2016

Ben & Darren Jarman Interview

4:58pm  Nov 28, 2016

Fast Five Facts: Ben Jarman

4:02pm  Nov 28, 2016

Father-son Rookie: Ben Jarman

3:53pm  Nov 28, 2016

Draft Night Recap

12:15pm  Nov 28, 2016

Ben Davis Interview: Pick #75

11:06pm  Nov 25, 2016

Post Draft Recap: Hamish Ogilvie

10:44pm  Nov 25, 2016

Fast Five Facts: Elliott Himmelberg

10:30pm  Nov 25, 2016

Fast Five Facts: Ben Davis

10:25pm  Nov 25, 2016

Crows Recruiting Files

Recruiting Files: Matt Crouch

Hamish Ogilvie recalls how Matt Crouch followed in his older brother’s footsteps in becoming a Crow

5:07pm  Nov 19, 2015

Recruiting Files: Knight

We reflect on young forward Riley Knight's draft story

4:08pm  Nov 18, 2015

Recruiting Files: Atkins

National Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie tells the interesting draft tale of wingman Rory Atkins

6:30am  Nov 20, 2015

Recruiting Files: Talia

Daniel Talia is no-frills full-back now, but this wasn't always the case says National Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie

2:59pm  Nov 20, 2013

Recruiting Files: Smith

Brodie Smith was a 'no brainer' for the Crows when the Club arrived at the 2010 AFL National Draft

9:23am  Nov 24, 2011

Recruiting Files: Sloane

Crows recruiters held their breath in the 2008 Draft after opting not to select Sloane the year prior

8:30am  Nov 14, 2014


Live pick trading on the agenda?

The AFL will continue to debate introducing the trading of picks on draft night as some clubs push for it to be a part of this year's event

10:03am Feb 15, 2017


New format for U18 carnival

An academy series will replace the division two championship this year

2:37pm Feb 6, 2017


Next draft pool takes shape

AFL Media's Calum Twomey takes an early look at the 2017 draft pool after joining the AFL Academy squad in the US.

12:08pm Jan 27, 2017


Brander on the border

AFL Academy member Jarrod Brander is open-minded about his unique draft situation

2:00pm Jan 18, 2017


AFL Academy members fly to US

Some of this year's brightest draft prospects will fly to the United States on Monday as part of a NAB AFL Academy camp

9:54am Jan 16, 2017


Draft to stay in Sydney

The NAB AFL Draft will remain in Sydney but is set to move to its fourth venue in four years in 2017

9:48am Dec 5, 2016

Ben Jarman 60.jpg

Every Rookie Draft pick

Recap every pick from Monday’s AFL Rookie Draft

12:27pm Nov 29, 2016


Shaw rookie decision explained

Adelaide's decision to allocate retired defender Sam Shaw a spot on its rookie list didn't affect the club's draft strategy

11:55am Nov 29, 2016

Ben Jarman 60.jpg

Jars' joy for rising son

Darren Jarman says he wants his son Ben to make the most of his opportunity as Adelaide's first father-son selection

8:35pm Nov 28, 2016


Davis drafting changes rookie plan

Adelaide’s Rookie Draft plans changed slightly on Friday night when it added a fifth player through the AFL National Draft.

5:30pm Nov 28, 2016


Jarman's 'special' moment

Ben Jarman describes the “pretty special” moment he became Adelaide’s first-ever father-son selection

4:48pm Nov 28, 2016


Jarman joins Crows

After 26 seasons in the AFL, the Adelaide Football Club finally has its first father-son recruit

3:49pm Nov 28, 2016

Myles Poholke Jordan Gallucci 60.jpg

Draft duo to rise together

New Crow Myles Poholke says good mate and fellow draftee Jordan Gallucci had all the tools to make an impact at AFL Level

2:07pm Nov 28, 2016


Himmelberg's family ties

Adelaide draftee Elliott Himmelberg joins Adelaide a year after the Club missed out on his older brother Harrison

11:55am Nov 28, 2016


Every National Draft pick

Recap every pick from Friday night’s National Draft at Horden Pavilion in Sydney

11:06am Nov 28, 2016


Mates on 'trip of a lifetime' together

Mates Jordan Gallucci and Myles Poholke were rapt to be drafted to the Crows together

8:28pm Nov 27, 2016


Recruits: Draftees arrive in Adelaide

Adelaide’s five recruits have arrived in their new adopted home state

7:26pm Nov 27, 2016


Prospects to watch in 2017

With the 2016 National Draft done, AFL Media's Callum Twomey looks forward to next year's edition

6:26pm Nov 26, 2016


Signorello's spirited response

Matthew Signorello was overlooked for this year's U18 National Championships, but it proved a blessing in disguise

5:46pm Nov 26, 2016


Swan spreads wings at Crows

Ben Davis’ decision not to nominate for last year’s draft allowed the Crows to swoop in & secure the Swans Academy member

1:26pm Nov 26, 2016


Tomorrow's Heroes: Gallucci

Read AFL Media's pre-draft assessment of new Crow Jordan Gallucci

7:47am Nov 26, 2016


Brotherly bond powers Poholke

Myles Poholke says the incredible bond he shares with his brother helped him overcome tough times and pursue his AFL dream

3:18am Nov 26, 2016