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Rule change proposed

The AFL could tweak rules to avoid a repeat of Eddie Betts' disallowed goal in Sunday's NAB Challenge clash

9:34am  Mar 5, 2015

CROWfiles: Nathan van Berlo

Find out what makes Nathan van Berlo tick following his long-awaited return in the NAB Challenge

7:30am  Mar 5, 2015

Become a Crows Digital member

Adelaide’s digital membership packages allow fans to watch every AFL game live wherever you are in the world

3:30am  Mar 5, 2015

Crows in Port Lincoln: On The Road

Jump on board with the Crows as they fly to Port Lincoln to play the Roos in our first instalment of our NAB Challenge video series.

March 5, 2015  3:22 PM

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O'Brien post-match: NAB 1

2:33pm Mar 4, 2015

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2:25pm Mar 4, 2015

Johncock post-match: NAB 1

10:51am Mar 3, 2015

Eddie Betts happy to be home

9:36am Mar 3, 2015

Ramsey post-match: NAB 1

1:45pm Mar 2, 2015

NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q4

9:07am Mar 2, 2015

NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q3

9:05am Mar 2, 2015

NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q2

9:02am Mar 2, 2015

NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q1

8:58am Mar 2, 2015

Van Berlo post-match: NAB 1

9:52pm Mar 1, 2015

Walsh post-match: NAB 1

9:11pm Mar 1, 2015