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Recruit eyes Round One

Coach Phil Walsh says a new recruit is forcing his way into Adelaide’s best 22

2:05pm  Dec 19, 2014

Crows ride to Beat Cancer

Andy Otten will up the ante in his recovery from injury by riding a stage of the Tour Down Under as part of the Beat Cancer Tour

10:30am  Dec 19, 2014

Anu steals the show

Iconic Australian artist Christine Anu dazzled nearly 1,000 fans at the Crows Foundation Christmas Carols

11:57am  Dec 18, 2014

In 2013 the Live Right, Feel Bright program expanded to include all students from Reception to Year 7. The importance of exercise and healthy eating will again be the theme of Live Right, Feel Bright for 2014. The program will consist of two visits to your school with an optional third visit available.

Students from Reception-Year 7 will participate in the first visit, which will consist of a presentation to the students with videos to watch, prizes to give out and a visit from our Club mascot Claude the Crow. The presentation will go for about 45 minutes and all students will also receive Crows merchandise such as posters and stickers. After the presentation has concluded, Reception to Year 3 students will be invited outside to participate in a 30 minute football clinic. (Logistics will be worked out once the booking has been made. We can see three classes at a time and conduct a maximum of 3 x 30 minute clinics in a day).

The second visit will run for about 30 minutes and only be available for students in Years 4 to 7. The session will involve another presentation to the students with videos and more prizes. The students will be given work books relating to the videos, which will also be read through and filled out during the session. Students will need to bring a pen or a pencil with them. During the session the students will be informed of the Live Right, Feel Bright test, which consists of aiming to complete 60 minutes of exercise and consume two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day for 10 days. There are two diary pages in the work books for the students to record their progress. Once the students have completed the 10 days, teachers can then collect as many diaries as possible and then send them back to Brooke at the football club. We’ll then process all the diaries, pick out winners and then contact you for a third  visit. There will also be an opportunity after the presentation for any Reception to Year 3 classes to participate in the football clinic if they missed out during the previous visit.

The third visit is only available if your school returns over 50% of the participating students’ diaries. The session will involve a visit from one of our younger players to assist with their personal development. We will conduct an interview with the player and give the students the opportunity to ask some questions. After the questions we will announce a winning class that has returned the most diaries with the best results (decided in coordination with you) as well as an overall individual winner (again, decided in coordination with you).

It is a condition of the program that the students attempt to complete the test and that yourself and the other teachers do their best to encourage the students. We do need your help to employ the program across the participating classes and make sure the students are doing it properly. The information that we receive back from the students is all used for research and the more information we receive, the better. Students’ identities will remain anonymous.

If your school would like to participate in the Live Right, Feel Bright program in 2014 then please return the expression of interest form (attached). If you require any more information on the program, please contact Nigel Osborn on 8440 6663 or email