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Rule change proposed

The AFL could tweak rules to avoid a repeat of Eddie Betts' disallowed goal in Sunday's NAB Challenge clash

9:34am  Mar 5, 2015

CROWfiles: Nathan van Berlo

Find out what makes Nathan van Berlo tick following his long-awaited return in the NAB Challenge

7:30am  Mar 5, 2015

Become a Crows Digital member

Adelaide’s digital membership packages allow fans to watch every AFL game live wherever you are in the world

3:30am  Mar 5, 2015

On the Road: GWS Trip

Bernie Vince and David Mackay take you behind the scenes of the trip to Sydney.

July 18, 2012  10:01 AM

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Eddie Betts happy to be home

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NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q4

9:07am Mar 2, 2015

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NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q2

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NAB 1 v North Melbourne: Q1

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Van Berlo post-match: NAB 1

9:52pm Mar 1, 2015

Walsh post-match: NAB 1

9:11pm Mar 1, 2015