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Showdown: Celebrity Tipsters

See who these famous faces are tipping for Showdown XLIII.

August 6, 2017  4:01 PM

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Showdown: Celebrity Tipsters

See who these famous faces are tipping for Showdown XLIII.

4:01PM Aug 6, 2017

Eddie Betts at Toyota Tree Day

Eddie Betts gets a surprise from the kids at Goodwood Primary School on Toyota Tree Day.

8:00PM Aug 1, 2017

The Ultimate African Safari

Join Matthew Clarke and the Crows Children's Foundation on the ultimate African safari in November.

2:48PM Jun 14, 2017

DCNS Crows Cup

Chelsea Randall speaks about the DCNS Crows Cup.

10:16AM Jun 13, 2017

Crows Support CanTeen

The Crows Children's Foundation proudly supports CanTeen.

9:00AM May 30, 2017

Mitch McGovern on Indigenous Round

Mitch McGovern talks about his time living in an indigenous community.

8:30AM May 26, 2017

Wyatt & Phrasswell

Learn more about our two Indigenous Round mascots Wyatt & Phrasswell.

9:00AM May 25, 2017

Crows Fancy Footwear

Indigenous artist Shane Cook tells us the story behind our boys Indigenous Round Boots

7:00PM May 24, 2017

Kicking Goals for Kids

Get behind the Crows Children's Foundation's 'Kicking Goals for Kids'

1:46PM May 9, 2017

Angus Makes a Wish

Angus was lucky enough to come along to a Crows training session to coach the team.

9:00AM May 4, 2017

Kickstart for Kids: Kicking Goals for Kids

The Crows Children's Foundation will support Kickstart for Kids in 2017.

6:40PM Mar 21, 2017

Australia Post AFL Community Camp 2017

Check out all of the action from the Crows 2017 Australia Post AFL Community Camp from Port Augusta and the surrounding area's.

5:01PM Mar 1, 2017

Curtly Hampton Presser February 28

Curtly Hampton speaks to the media at the Crows Community Camp Super Clinic at Port Augusta Central Oval.

4:57PM Feb 28, 2017

Crows support Aspect Treetop School

The Crows are proud to support the Aspect Treetop School in building their playground.

8:57AM Feb 22, 2017

Crows Trek Everest

The Crows will once again Trek Mount Everest in 2017 thanks to the Crows Children's Foundation.

4:16PM Feb 20, 2017

Female Football Pathway

Hear about the opportunities females have to play our great game

12:10PM Jan 24, 2017