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1998 Premiership.jpg

Back row: Ellen, Stevens, Robran, Rehn, Marsh, Pittman, B. Hart, Eccles. Middle row: Vardy, McLeod, Connell, Goodwin, Caven, Johnson, D, Jarman, Thiessen. Front row: James, Edwards, Blight (coach), Bickley (captain), Smart, D. Hart (assistant coach), Ricciuto, Koster.


Adelaide’s drive to a second consecutive premiership took an even tougher road than the previous year.

After finishing fifth in the minor round, Adelaide lost its first final to Melbourne at the MCG and then had to stay on the road for wins over Sydney and the Western Bulldogs to claim a grand final spot against hot favourite North Melbourne.

Then, after North dominated the first half but kicked poorly to lead by 24 points at half-time, the Crows again had to fight their way back into the contest before again kicking away in the final quarter to win by 35 points.

Andrew McLeod again starred to win another Norm Smith Medal, while Darren Jarman was the leading goalkicker with five and Peter Caven (who played against North champion Wayne Carey) and Ben Hart held together a defensive group under siege in the first half.

The team (starting positions):
B: Mark Bickley, Ben Hart, Kane Johnson
HB: Nigel Smart, Peter Caven, Shane Ellen
C: Peter Vardy, Simon Goodwin, James Thiessen
HF: Andrew McLeod, Matthew Robran, Brett James
F: Mark Ricciuto, David Pittman, Tyson Edwards
R: Shaun Rehn, Darren Jarman, Kym Koster
Int: Matthew Connell, Mark Stevens, Ben Marsh, Andrew Eccles
Coach: Malcolm Blight

Adelaide                   3.2     4.3     9.11     15.15 (105)

North Melbourne    4.4    6.15   8.15    8.22 (70)

Best: McLeod, Hart, Jarman, Johnson, Rehn, Caven, Bickley
Goals:  Jarman 5, Smart 3, Vardy 2, James, Pittman, Johnson, Thiessen, Ricciuto