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The Adelaide Football Club prides itself on being a community leader and is committed to supporting a wide range of non-profit and charitable community organisations. Supporting the community which so passionately supports the Team for all South Australia is extremely important to the Club and each year our players attend numerous community events.

Adelaide Football Club players are available for a limited number of appearances depending on the time of year requests are made. The majority of our player appearances are community service, school or hospital visits. During the AFL season some players make themselves available on their day off which is usually Wednesday but will depend on the fixture (see availability below).

Appearances usually take place between approximately 11am-2pm for no more than one hour and within a 45min drive of the Adelaide Football Club training facility. Paid promotional appearances can vary in length with most scheduled no more than two hours. However, we are committed to considering your request and are flexible with times where possible.


All requests for men's player appearances to be in writing and forwarded to Kristen Johnston at based on the information below. 

All requests for women's player appearances to be in writing and forwarded to Vicki Daldy at based on the information below.

Please type the words "Player appearance request" in the subject box.


Requests must be submitted in writing, and include the purpose, date, time and venue of your event, as well as the name, phone number and email address of the organiser.

Requests must be made at least four weeks prior to your event.

Requests for appearances of more than an hour’s duration will be considered on a case by case basis.

With an emphasis on being inclusive the Club will give priority to those requests that adhere to the following criteria:

  • Maximise players time - large community attendance
  • Direct interaction with children
  • There must be a clear role for the player, (eg handing out awards, signing autographs, etc).
  • No player may participate in sporting events with a risk of injury.
  • Requests for players to attend birthday parties or similar appearances of a personal nature will not be considered.
  • Publicity opportunities

Paid business/promotional appearance fees are not set by the Adelaide Football Club. Individual players and their managers establish these rates. Rates vary depending upon the player requested. The majority of player appearances are community service, school or charity related and non-paid appearances. Many organisations do offer honorariums to players or offer to make donations to the charity of the players’ choice. This also helps to secure a player in advance of your scheduled event. Players must be paid at the conclusion of the event.

  • During the off-season (October-February) players are generally not available due to their annual leave/training schedules or non-residence in the Adelaide metropolitan area.
  • In season players are only available on their day off which is usually Wednesday but depends on the upcoming round and when and where they will be playing. If you are planning an event specifically around the players schedule it is best to ring the Club and find out which is the players day off for that given week.
  • All appearances are dependent on training schedules, which can be subject to change at short notice
  • Please be aware that it is extremely rare for an appearance to be considered on the day of a main training session
  • Players are not available on match day under any circumstances
  • Please note that the number of requests we receive is far greater than the number we are able to fulfil. Therefore, submitting a request does not guarantee a player appearance.
  • Please only submit your request once to Graeme by only the one medium.

Many players have jobs/study or commit time to their families on their days off and during the off-season; however, many players make Adelaide their home and hence like to be involved in community events. Player availability is best between mid March and mid August, but keep in mind that the business of football will always remain the Club's No.1 priority.