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The Adelaide Football Club receives many requests from charitable and not for profit organisations, schools and clubs, for signed merchandise, and in particular guernseys and footballs.

The Club endeavours to provide support where it can, however it is not possible to fulfil every request. With a limited number of signed items available each year, priority is given to major charities and South Australian football clubs, schools and community organisations.

To enable the continued support of fund raising for these organisations the following guidelines have been set:


Requests to Sign Memorabilia

  • The Adelaide Football Club is unable to accept any items to be autographed on behalf of individuals or outside organisations under any circumstances. Items sent to the club for this purpose will be returned unsigned to the sender and we take no responsibility for the safe return of these items.
  • The club encourages all members and supporters seeking autographs to attend an open training session, clinics and major club events that are held throughout the year. Times and locations of these events are advertised on our website and through our social media channels


Applications for the donation of signed merchandise must be in writing to or

Adelaide Football Club Donation Requests
PO Box 10

stating the charitable cause and/or reasons for the request and allow at least six weeks lead up time prior to the fundraising event.

  • All requests to be on the organisation's official letterhead
  • Applicants must be either a registered charitable organisation, not-for-profit organisation, charitable event or other worthy cause
  • Please make sure the letter contains the following information:
         - The name of the event/fundraiser and date if applicable
         - The name of the beneficiary organisation
         - Contact person and phone number
         - Address
  • Donations must be collected from the club and can only be mailed to remote organisations
  • Only one request per calendar year and per organisation/initiative will be considered.
  • Items donated to successful applicants will be determined at the discretion of the Adelaide Football Club, and dependent upon availability
  • During the following months (December to February) requests will not be serviced or replied to, please do not send in requests during this period

A limited number of signed footballs are made available free of charge for community fundraising events. Your request does not automatically mean you will receive a signed item as demand always exceeds our limited supply.

We have a limited number of signed guernseys that we retail to community fundraising events annually, priced at $250. Part of the proceeds goes to the Adelaide Crows Children's Foundation, which is another worthwhile cause that our players support.


The Adelaide Football Club is unable to offer financial support, cash donations or sponsorships.

The Adelaide Crows Children's Foundation was set up to support and continue the good work of the Adelaide Football Club in partnership with charities supporting children in need in South Australia. Click here for further information and guidelines for funding.

For any further queries please contact the Club on 08 8440 6666.