The Crows  Foundation strives to build a stronger community for children and youth using the Power of Sport.

Sports turn players into leaders and teach us to strive towards goals, handle setbacks and cherish every opportunity to grow. Through the Adelaide Crows Foundation, we harness our Club’s power and make positive change for children and youth.

Using the power of sport we Engage, Enrich and Inspire the lives of children & youth.

The Adelaide Crows are a club famous for achieving great things and bringing people together. With the Adelaide Crows Foundation, we bring the same level of conviction to the social arena, having powerful meaning and influence both on and off the field.

It’s in our nature to work together and bring others joy, and it’s the Foundation that gives us the platform to realise our ongoing social ambitions. Through the programs we create, manage, promote and support, we can effect change and build stronger communities for children and youth.

The Adelaide Crows Foundation operates independently of the Adelaide Football Club and is overseen by a separate Board of Directors (please see Annual Report). 

For further information on the Adelaide Crows Foundation:

Louise McDonald
Adelaide Football Club
PO Box 10, West Lakes, SA, 5021

Ph: (08) 8440 6666