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Support your Club and its community forever

The Adelaide Football Club prides itself on our commitment to the community through the work of the Adelaide Crows Children’s Foundation.

With generations living longer and enjoying more riches than those generations before them. Many find themselves now in a position to consider remembering a charity in their will.  In the first instance, of course we want to make sure family and loved ones are well taken care of, but if there are funds remaining to support charity and you have a passion for the Adelaide Football Club and supporting children in need, please consider a bequest to the Crows Children’s Foundation.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is the act of giving or leaving personal assets to beneficiaries through the provision of a will.

Why the Adelaide Crows Children’s Foundation?

A bequest is the opportunity to make a tangible and lasting contribution towards the ongoing work of the Adelaide Crows Children’s Foundation in the community – helping children through health, welfare and education.

Who can contribute?

Anyone with a passion for the Adelaide Football Club, member or non-member, can leave a bequest to the Club in their will.

If you already have a will in place you can complete a codicil (under the advice of your solicitor) to make an amendment to your current arrangements.

Types of Bequests

- A specified amount of money
- A percentage of your Estate
- Property/assets
- Residual of your Estate after all other beneficiaries have been taken care of

Here is a guide of preferred wording to complete your bequest:

I give the sum of (specify amount) or (% of my Estate) or (the residue of my Estate) free of all succession estate and other death duties to the Adelaide Crows Children’s Foundation Limited (ABN 33 113 422 129) of 105 West Lakes Boulevard West Lakes SA 5021 to be used for its general purposes. 

For further information or if you have already made a bequest to the Adelaide Football Club or Crows Children’s Foundation in your will please contact:

Jill Moss

Adelaide Football Club
PO Box 10, West Lakes, SA, 5021
Ph: (08) 8440 6513

We would like to recognise you for your support now.