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Growing with Gratitude is a mental wellbeing and resilience program which has visited almost 700 primary schools across South Australia over the last two years.

Students learn skills based on gratitude, kindness, positive reflection, empathy, mindfulness and serving others, resulting in greater resilience and happiness in young people.

The program consists of an assembly-style presentation for all students from Reception to Year 7, which focuses on the Positive Reflection ‘5 Positive Places’. The presentation will also include Crows giveaways and a surprise visit from club mascot Claude the Crow.

Following the presentation, Reception and Year 1 students (maximum six classes) are then invited to participate in a football based skills session. 

Each school receives a Growing with Gratitude flyer containing information about how to receive further resources, activities and lesson plans to help continue the program in the classroom after the day’s activities. All students are also given an AFC Positive Reflection student activity book and Crows poster.

Each school has the opportunity for Growing with Gratitude creator, Ashley Manuel, to attend a staff meeting to further discuss the program and discuss how schools can adopt the online Growing with Gratitude whole school approach.

Growing with Gratitude follows Dr Martin’s Selligman’s ‘PERMA’ guidelines and are developed using current research being undertaken by Growing with Gratitude and the University of South Australia. It is connected with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) and Department of Education’s Wellbeing for Learning and Life framework for building resilience and wellbeing in children and young people.

Growing with Gratitude is coordinated by the Adelaide Football Club in conjunction with the Department for Education.

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You can visit the Growing With Gratitude website:

For Further Information please contact:

Sam Tharaldsen
Phone: (08) 8440 6502