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2014 draft: medium midfielders

Dean Gore of South Australia poses for a photograph during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships headshot session at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne on July 1 2014. (Photo: Michael Willson/AFL Media)]
The speed and endurance of Sturt youngster Dean Gore could see him high on the radar of many AFL clubs

The AFL today announced the third group of players that will attend the 2014 NAB AFL Draft Combine in October.

The medium midfielder group comprises of 23 players.  Six players were included in the 2014 NAB AFL Under-18 All-Australian team and five players are graduates of the NAB AFL Academy.

96 players will attend the 2014 NAB AFL Draft Combine in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium from Tuesday September 30 to Friday October 3.

State Combines will be held in Melbourne (October 4), Adelaide (October 11) and Perth (October 12).


2014 NAB AFL Draft Combine
Medium Midfielders


Isaac Heeney – NSW
DOB: 5.5.1996          Height: 185cm                        Weight: 82kg
Hard edged Medium Midfielder who excels in the one on one and contested situations. Very good clearance player averaging five per game together with 23.7 disposals at 73.2% efficiency and 4.7 tackles. Won Harrison Medal for Best and Fairest in Division Two of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships and dually rewarded with All-Australian honours. Member of the NAB AFL Academy and in the Swans Academy.

Jack Hiscox – NSW
DOB: 23.3.1995        Height: 184cm                        Weight: 74kg
Very athletic player that continually runs hard through the midfield.  A former national 800m champion that in January 2014 ran an elite time of 9.04 for a 3km time trial as well possessing elite leg speed.  Is continuing to learn the game however thrives in the defensive areas of the game where he is not afraid to put his head over the ball.  Averaged 18 disposals in his two games for NSW/ACT at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Tyler Roos - NSW
DOB   24.3.1996        Height: 185cm                        Weight: 73kg
Medium Midfielder whose athletic traits allow him to continually out work his opposition. Uses the ball very well by foot and has good game sense. Averaged 19.3 disposals, at 69% efficiency in three matches at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Plays for the Sandringham Dragons in the TAC Cup but was eligible under State of Origin rules to play for NSW/ACT. Son of former Fitzroy and Sydney star Paul Roos.

Jack Steele - ACT
DOB   13.12.1995      Height: 186cm                        Weight: 82kg
Strong and powerful Midfielder/Forward that can create something out of nothing. Shows excellent poise and balance when in possessions and is a clever user by hand or foot. A very effective lead up player that once going can be hard to stop. NSW/ACT’s MVP in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 20.7 disposals at 79% efficiency, 5.7 marks and two goals on his way to winning All-Australian Under-18 honours.


Connor Blakely - WA
DOB   2.3.1996          Height: 186cm                        Weight: 81kg
Medium Midfielder who excels at stoppages and is a prolific ball winner. Runs all day using his impressive endurance base and has good speed. Averaged 21 disposals at 79% efficiency, seven clearances and 5.5 tackles during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships and was rewarded with All-Australian honours.  Plays regular senior football for Swan Districts in the WAFL.


Peter Bampton – SA
DOB   15.4.1996        Height: 182cm                        Weight: 83kg
Hard running, strong bodied medium midfielder with an appetite for the contest.  Has played senior football over the past couple of seasons for Norwood before injuring his ankle and missing the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.  Has an excellent ability to extract the footy from the stoppage and run hard forward.  Averaging 19 disposals and three clearances at senior SANFL level.

Dean Gore – SA
DOB   26.6.1996        Height: 183cm                        Weight: 86kg
Medium Midfielder who reads the game very well and is very strong in the contest. Has good burst of speed and elite endurance and played a pivotal role in South Australia's NAB AFL Under-18 Championships winning team averaging 15.3 possessions (7.7 contested) and 6.5 tackles across all 6 matches. Has played senior football with Sturt.

Alex Neal-Bullen – SA
DOB   9.1.1996          Height: 182cm                        Weight: 77kg
Damaging Medium Midfielder particularly around stoppages uses his quick, clean hands to great effect. Key player in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships averaging 18.7 disposals (10.2 contested) and 4.2 tackles. Is a courageous footballer with elite endurance and has played senior football for Glenelg.

Josh Glenn – SA
DOB   10.3.1994        Height: 180cm                        Weight: 78kg
Mature age Medium Midfielder that has had a brilliant year with Central District averaging 20.5 disposals and 3.6 clearances per game at senior level.  His consistency has become a genuine strength of his game along with his disposal efficiency, particularly his ability to use the ball by foot on both sides of his body.


Lachlan Weller – QLD
DOB   23.2.1996        Height: 181cm                        Weight: 74kg
Medium Midfielder with pace, poise and neat disposal by hand and foot. Always seems to have plenty of time when in possession.  Averaged 18 disposals in three matches at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, going at 74% efficiency while also laying an average of 4.3 tackles. Won McLean Medal at Under-16 Champs in 2012.  NAB AFL Academy member. Brother of Maverick at St Kilda.


Jackson Nelson - Vic C
DOB   15.3.1996        Height: 187cm                        Weight: 81kg
Medium Midfielder/Defender with excellent game sense, speed and use of the ball by hand and foot. Prolific kick of the footy that also shows balance and precision when executing by foot.  Averaged 12.2 disposals and 4.3 tackles across six games at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.  Member of NAB AFL Academy.

Angus Brayshaw - Vic M
DOB   9.1.1996          Height: 187cm                        Weight: 86kg
Medium Midfielder who distributes the ball very effectively by either hand and on both feet. Clearances specialist who reads the game exceptionally well using is athleticism to get to and away from stoppages. His football nous is brilliant.  Averaged 21.8 disposals, five Inside 50s and four tackles during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.   Member of NAB AFL Academy.

Damien Cavka - Vic M
DOB   3.6.1996          Height: 184cm                        Weight: 79kg
Elite endurance player with the capacity run all day.  Has shown the ability to play a variety of roles, including shutting down opponents through the midfield as well as rebounding from half back.  Shows excellent football character and work ethic.  Averaged 17.5 disposals and 6.5 tackles for Vic Metro at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Josh Clayton – Vic M
DOB   17.1.1996        Height: 190cm                        Weight: 80kg
Very athletic and versatile player that reads the game very well and makes smart decisions when in possession.  His aerial skills coupled with his lateral movement often sees him step through traffic with ease.  Currently averaging 21.9 disposals for the Sandringham Dragons at TAC Cup Level.  Son of former Fitzroy Lion Scott Clayton.

Jordan Cunico - Vic C
DOB   7.5.1996          Height: 184cm                        Weight: 72kg
Medium Midfielder with exciting burst of speed and can run all day. Strong overhead for his size and consistent ball winner in championships where he read the play very well, particularly at stoppages. Averaged 15.6 disposals at 74% efficiency playing for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Nathan Drummond - Vic C
DOB   19.1.1995        Height: 181cm                        Weight: 85kg
Tough, inside Medium Midfielder with elite speed/endurance combination.  Has had excellent TAC Cup year after being injured in 2013. Playing as a 19-year-old he averaged 15 disposals, four marks and six tackles for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Good leap and overhead mark for his size.

Corey Ellis – Vic M
DOB   9.10.1996        Height: 185cm                        Weight: 76kg
Left footed Medium Midfielder who is a star at the clearances with his clean hands and courage. Uses the ball well by hand and foot and has good game sense. Provided a dangerous target up forward either in the air or at ground level.  Averaged 13.6 disposals and 4.4 tackles in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Matthew Goodyear – Vic M
DOB   20.7.1996        Height: 185cm                        Weight: 77kg
Extremely athletic medium midfielder with elite speed and endurance. Prolific ball winner at the Cannons and had a taste of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships playing in three matches, averaging 13 disposals in limited game time.  His drive and rebound from half-back as well as through the midfield often breaks the game open.

Billy Gowers – Vic M
DOB   10.6.1996        Height: 184cm                        Weight: 81kg
A versatile and very well balanced medium midfielder that reads the play exceptionally well.  Possesses excellent foot skills on either side of the body while also showing the ability to mark strongly overhead for a player of his size.  Averaging 15.1 disposals for the Oakleigh Chargers this year.  Son of former Hawk Andy Gowers.

Jayden Laverde - Vic M
DOB   12.4.1996        Height: 189cm                        Weight: 82kg
Smooth moving medium midfielder/forward with neat disposal skills. Can turn opponents inside out with his agility and is dangerous around goals. Strong overhead and a difficult match up with athletic attributes in forward half or in midfield. Averaged 16.8 disposals at 74% efficiency and 5 marks during the NAB AFL U18 Championships winning All Australian honours.

Daniel McKenzie - Vic M
DOB   17.5.1996        Height: 183cm                        Weight: 77kg
Midfielder with superb athletic traits across all areas, speed, endurance and agility.  His excellent vertical leap also gives him the versatility to not only play on opponents his size but also those that are taller.  Shows very good game sense and awareness.  Averaging 14 disposals and three tackles for Oakleigh at TAC Cup level.

Connor Menadue - Vic M
DOB   19.9.1996        Height: 188cm                        Weight: 69kg
Excellent athlete that uses his pace and running capacity to run and carry the footy and often breaks the lines.  A quiet kid by nature that has the ability to play on a range of opponents regardless of size.  Currently averaging 19.6 disposals per game in his 14 matches for the Western Jets.  Consistency is his greatest strength.

Christian Petracca - Vic M
DOB   4.1.1996          Height: 186cm                        Weight: 92kg
Powerful inside Midfielder/Forward who is strong overhead and is a clearance star. Breaks tackles with his elite agility and tackles strongly. Vic Metro MVP and Larke Medallist of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. Kicking has become a real asset. Averaged 25 disposals, 5.4 marks and five clearances on his way to winning All-Australian Under-18 honours.


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