In an innovative move, the Crows Children’s Foundation has supplied program funding to STEMfooty to deliver the first stage 10-week pilot program for Year Seven students beginning in Term Two this year.

The program aims to work with over 1000 children, with 40 Year Seven classes involved in its first year of operation.

STEMfooty is designed to address the significant growth in STEM-related jobs and the continued decline in student engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEMfooty builds upon:

  • A positive movement coming out of the United States of engaging students about STEM subjects through a medium that captures the interest of a broad range of children, namely sport – in this specific case, Australian Rules football.
  • A successful 2018 STEMfooty Pilot Project collaboration between the Adelaide Football Club, Data to Decisions CRC and University of South Australia

Adelaide Football Club’s Chief Operating Officer Nigel Smart said that the partnership will allow the Club to build on the innovative STEM program based on the game we all love – football.

“Using the sport of football to drive positive behavioral and attitudinal change around STEM in middle school makes a lot of sense,” Smart said.

“This partnership with the Crows Children’s Foundation will allow us to further the program.”

Crows Children’s Foundation Chairman Garry Winter said this partnership helps the Foundation achieve it is upcoming goals and it is a program they are happy to support.

“The Crows Children’s Foundation wishes to be the leading sports affiliated charitable foundation in Australia building a better community through children and youth,” Winter said.

“STEMfooty is part of our growth agenda moving forward.”

For more information and to register your schools interest please visit the STEMfooty website –