Adelaide co-captain Rory Sloane endured the “worst backhanded compliment” he’s ever received on Wednesday.

On Triple M’s The Rush Hour, Sloane was quizzed about the Gold Coast match and coach Don Pyke’s decision to trial speedy trio Rory Atkins, Wayne Milera and Brodie Smith in the midfield.

Co-host Andrew Jarman asked Sloane if he feared being pushed out given the seeming success of the move.

“Thanks mate, it’s nice to hear you think so highly of me,” Sloane said jokingly.

“I”ll just make way and sit on the bench for the rest of the year.”


When asked if that was the worst backhanded compliment he had received, Sloane replied with a firm “absolutely”.

The 29-year-old moved on quickly though and gave Jarman a genuine answer to his question.

“Those three provided us with a great amount of speed,” he said.

“Still plenty of room for me, I love getting in there.

“We had a really good mix on the weekend.”

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Adelaide will face Essendon at Adelaide Oval on Friday night with both teams level on wins for the season.

Sloane praised the Bombers’ form over the past several weeks and made special mention of their pressure.

“It’s a red-hot game… finals-like for both teams,” he said.

“Their pressure has been outstanding in the last four or five weeks.

“Our pressure will have to be up at the level.”