It’s been three months since Billy Frampton made the switch from cross-town rivals Port Adelaide to join the Crows.

Now well accustomed to West Lakes, the 200cm ruck-forward told AFC Media which of his new teammates had stood out to him most.


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Which Crow has been most welcoming?

Lachie Murphy and Myles (Poholke)

They live together with Elliott (Himmelberg) and they really went out of their way early to make me feel welcome and do things with me outside of the Club which is always good.

That was in the first few days, and I’ll give Jake (Kelly) a shoutout too, he’s made me feel really welcome as well.

Which Crow surprised you most?

The one who surprised me most was Daniel Talia, just the way he approaches footy and his training is really down to earth.

He gets around you pretty hard as well and makes you feel welcome.

When you’re such a good player, you don’t really have to go out of your way, so it’s good that he does.

Which Crow is the funniest?

Tals is right up there - less from what he says and more from how he conducts himself.

Rat (Rory Atkins) has been pretty funny too, I’ve gone straight next to him at the lockers. 

We play a bit of Call of Duty together too so he’s pretty funny on there.

Which Crow has shown great leadership?

The main three would probably be Sloaney, Tex and Tom Lynch, as you’d probably expect, being three of the more experienced players here.

How vocal they are and what they demand in their training standards set a really good standard for everyone else to follow in their footsteps.

Chayce (Jones) has been really good on the track too.

Obviously through the way he trains - he’s an elite runner and trains really hard - but he’s been pretty vocal as well.

Even though he’s young, he still has the confidence to tell you if he thinks there’s something you could have done better, which is pretty impressive.

Which Crow trains the hardest?

Chayce is up there, Bull (Jake Kelly) goes pretty hard too.

He’s just so competitive, he’s pretty strong in the physical duels.

Me and him have been doing a lot of work together in our craft at the end, when we do 1 v 1s.

We’ve got a competition going at the moment to see who can take the most marks - I think I’m up so far, I don’t think he’s too happy about it.

Sloaney’s a bull in there too, a lot of the midfielders really set the tone.

Which fellow newcomer has impressed you most?

Benny Crocker and (Ben) Keays are actually both really good trainers - they’re both really fit and they train really hard.

Of the young fellas, Josh Worrell has been pretty good.

The way he moves as a player of his size, I reckon he’s going to be a really good player.