Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan has conceded COVID-19 will have a devastating impact on the football club, its staff, the wider AFL industry and society as a whole. 

Speaking on Triple M Adelaide’s The Rush Hour on Monday afternoon, Fagan said the 18 AFL Clubs and the League were rallying together to navigate through the greatest crisis to ever face Australian football.

“It will certainly take us a long time to recover, I think that’s fair to say; it’s the most significant thing to ever confront the sport,” Fagan said. 

“It’s a genuine crisis we’re working through and it’s not just sport, let’s be really clear about that. It’s just an extraordinarily difficult period.

There are very good football people, their families and their friends who are impacted and as I said at the outset, people outside of the football club in the broader community are as well.

- Andrew Fagan

Fagan said one positive to emerge from this crisis was the overwhelming support demonstrated by Adelaide’s passionate members, describing them as extraordinary. 

“They’ve been extraordinary, which actually doesn’t come as any surprise. They’re obscenely passionate and that’s been clearly evident in recent days,” Fagan said. 

“Even during the game on the weekend, people were genuinely engaged with what was occurring on-field. They were wishing guys the best in advance - whether it was Fischer McAsey’s debut for the Club or Sloaney’s 200th, there was a genuine love for the players and for the team. It was just really good to see.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with support just in the last 24 hours with people recognising that this is a Crows family issue and we have to work through it together and we’ll do that.”

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The Crows chief executive urged everyone to take the advice provided by medical experts and show care for one another. 

“It’s a tough time for everyone out there and I hope everyone’s following all of the appropriate advice, staying safe and taking care of each other,” Fagan said. 

“If there are things that we can do to help, we certainly will.”