Adelaide captain Rory Sloane cannot wait to enjoy the simple things in life again.

Free from the AFL’s strict COVID-19 protocols, in which players were only permitted to leave their homes for essential purposes, Sloane intends to make the most of his new-found freedom.

His first port of call is to take his son Sonny, who turned one last week, to a playground - something that was banned under the protocols.

“I haven’t been able to take Sonny to a park yet,” Sloane told AFC Media.

“I’m hanging for that, because he’s now one, so I can’t wait to take him to a park and just enjoy that and see his face light up.”

Sitting down for a meal in a cafe or a restaurant was also prohibited under the protocols, so Sloane intends on taking wife Belinda out for a long-overdue date night.

There will also be catch-ups with close friends, with in-season interactions severely limited.

“I can’t wait to take Belinda out on a date, that’ll be nice too, go out for dinner,” Sloane said.

“Just some simple things you take for granted.

“Going out for dinner with Belinda or some friends, that’ll be awesome.”

After Sloane has spent time with his family and friends, there are plans to explore the best of what South Australia has to offer.

“We’ll definitely explore the state. KI (Kangaroo Island) is definitely on the list to go spend a week over there,” Sloane said.

“I’m doing a bit of surfing too, I think so maybe head over to the Eyre Peninsula or Yorke Peninsula.

“And then who knows? If the borders (to Victoria) reopen, I would love to see some family.

“We’ve got a couple of nephews and nieces we haven’t seen yet so that’d be nice if they open at some point.”