Adelaide forward Taylor Walker has revealed an in-form teammate’s struggles with some off-field forms. 

The Crows returned to Adelaide following a two-week stint in Melbourne on Sunday, heading straight into quarantine after crossing the border. 

Speaking to Triple M’s Roo & Ditts, Walker revealed midfielder Rory Laird had a hilarious photo ID mix-up when facing SA Police. 

“(Lairdy) thought his photo ID would be to take a photo of the Crow on his tracksuit pants and sent it through to SA Police to show proof of ID,” Walker said. 

“He took a photo of a Crow emblem on his tracksuit pants to show proof of ID… that’s what he thought his ID was.”

Despite the ID amusement, Walker said he, and the rest of the Crows, were excited to return home. 

The father-of-two said he surprised his eldest, Hugo, when he arrived back in Adelaide. 

“It’s beautiful to be back to see the boys, and Ellie as well,” he said. 

“Both the boys were asleep when I got home Sunday, so I said to Ellie, ‘You go and get Hugo up first and I’ll hide behind the couch’, so I yelled out about three or four times, ‘Hugoooooo’, and he looked at Ellie and said, ‘Dad? Dad?’.

“It puts a smile on your face, it’s beautiful.”

The Crows will remain in quarantine until the entire side returns a negative Covid test, with tough restrictions in place. 

“As soon as we got back Sunday we were in hard quarantine, the only place we’re allowed to go is to and from the Club,” Walker said. 

“We got a Covid test today so until we test negative we’re hard quarantined in our own home, and there’s some rules and regulations around that.”

Walker said an isolation stint wouldn’t dampen the boys’ hunger heading into the highly-anticipated Showdown. 

“We want to really bounce back from Saturday and we’re really keen to knock Port off, that’s for sure,” he said. 

The Crows will take on Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval on Saturday, August 7, with first bounce at 7.10pm.