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The Adelaide Football Club Crows Academies program aims to nurture, attract, inspire, develop and accelerate participants and talented players to the game of AFL.

Our Academies strive to increase the overall talent pool, improve the depth of knowledge and skills set that will benefit all clubs, including ours, and importantly improve the long-term growth of the game. Our model is based on building capacity and has great reach across many aspects of the football and community landscape. It is engaging, inclusive and diverse; catering for numerous age, gender, and cultural demographics. We also have a significant historical component within our Academies – via our continuously growing Father Son, Father Daughter and Mother Daughter programs.

A key component of the Crows Academies is focused on the attraction, retention, and development of talented players, using our club’s powerful and recognisable brand to grow the game in the under-represented segments/regions of our community. Australian Rules Football has the ability to bring people together and the Adelaide Football Club strongly believes our Academies model is an important vehicle in this process. For further information email or phone 84404066.