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List Changes

Shane McAdam (traded in from Carlton)
Tyson Stengle (traded in from Richmond)
Chayce Jones (AFL Draft Pick No. 9)
Ned McHenry (AFL Draft Pick No. 16)
Will Hamill (AFL Draft Pick No. 30)
Lachlan Sholl (AFL Draft Pick No. 64)
Kieran Strachan (Rookie Draft Pick No. 7)
Paul Hunter (Rookie Draft Pick No. 24)
Jordon Butts (Rookie Draft Pick No. 39)

Curtly Hampton (retired)
Sam Gibson (retired)
Harry Dear (delisted)
Jackson Edwards (delisted)
Ben Jarman (delisted)
Mitch McGovern (traded to Carlton)
Matt Signorello (delisted)
Kyle Cheney (delisted)
Paul Hunter (delisted)

Draft video

Meet Jordon Butts

3:53pm  Dec 11, 2018

Meet Kieran Strachan

4:01pm  Dec 5, 2018

2018's Top Ten

7:00am  Nov 24, 2018

The Morning After

7:39pm  Nov 23, 2018

Rookie Pick 39 - Jordon Butts

5:30pm  Nov 23, 2018

Rookie Pick 24 - Paul Hunter

5:00pm  Nov 23, 2018

Crows Recruiting Files

Recruiting process: Darcy Fogarty

Hamish Ogilvie explains how the Crows came to select Darcy Fogarty in last year’s draft

11:04am  Jul 6, 2018

Recruiting Files: Matt Crouch

Hamish Ogilvie recalls how Matt Crouch followed in his older brother’s footsteps in becoming a Crow

5:07pm  Nov 19, 2015

Recruiting Files: Knight

We reflect on young forward Riley Knight's draft story

4:08pm  Nov 18, 2015

Recruiting Files: Atkins

National Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie tells the interesting draft tale of wingman Rory Atkins

6:30am  Nov 20, 2015

Recruiting Files: Talia

Daniel Talia is no-frills full-back now, but this wasn't always the case says National Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie

2:59pm  Nov 20, 2013

Recruiting Files: Smith

Brodie Smith was a 'no brainer' for the Crows when the Club arrived at the 2010 AFL National Draft

9:23am  Nov 24, 2011

Recruiting Files: Sloane

Crows recruiters held their breath in the 2008 Draft after opting not to select Sloane the year prior

8:30am  Nov 14, 2014

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Crows pass on mid-season draft

Adelaide has passed on its selection at the AFL mid-season rookie draft

6:24pm May 27, 2019


Who you should barrack against in 2019

Check out all of the future selections that have changed hands

4:39pm Dec 4, 2018

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Strachan's pathway to the AFL

New Crow Kieran Strachan discusses his unique journey to the AFL

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2017 draft revisited: How Adelaide fared

AFL Media assesses the progress of Adelaide’s 2017 draftees

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2019 Draft: 10 players to watch

Here are 10 names to keep track of throughout next season

12:43pm Nov 26, 2018


Rookie pick 24: Paul Hunter

Adelaide has re-drafted big man Paul Hunter in the Rookie Draft

5:31pm Nov 23, 2018


Rookie pick 7: Kieran Strachan

Adelaide has selected Port Melbourne ruckman Kieran Strachan with its first pick in the Rookie Draft

5:26pm Nov 23, 2018


Adelaide's 2018 draft verdict

AFL Media assesses the Crows newest players

5:16pm Nov 23, 2018


Ned's momentous moment

New Crow Ned McHenry describes the moment he became an AFL-listed player

4:44pm Nov 23, 2018

Ogilvie THUMB.jpg

Crows address need for speed

Hamish Ogilvie pleased with Adelaide’s draft haul

4:35pm Nov 23, 2018


Jones Chayces his dreams

New Crow Chayce Jones reflects on becoming Adelaide’s first draft pick

3:22pm Nov 23, 2018


Pick 64: Lachlan Sholl

Adelaide has selected the ultra-consistent Lachlan Sholl with pick No.64 in the AFL Draft

2:08pm Nov 23, 2018


Pick 30: Will Hamill

Adelaide has selected versatile defender Will Hamill with pick No.30 in the AFL Draft

12:27pm Nov 23, 2018


New Crows will add great character: Ogilvie

Adelaide’s recruiting manager Hamish Ogilvie reflects on day one of the draft

12:13pm Nov 23, 2018


Adelaide trade pick No. 19

The Crows have made a historic trade with Carlton

9:53pm Nov 22, 2018

McHenry THUMB.jpg

Pick 16: Ned McHenry

Adelaide has selected tackling machine Ned McHenry with pick No.16 in the AFL Draft

8:26pm Nov 22, 2018


Pick 9: Chayce Jones

Adelaide has selected Tasmanian Chayce Jones with pick No.9 in the AFL Draft

7:45pm Nov 22, 2018


Phantom draft picks

Who are the top draft experts tipping for Adelaide’s first three selections?

11:39am Nov 22, 2018


Gallery: Draftee Flashback

A selection of player headshots from the years they were drafted

4:27pm Nov 21, 2018


Live trades not expected until after first round

Clubs and player managers give their take ahead of the 2018 draft

10:38am Nov 21, 2018


School captain with senior footy experience

Jackson Hately has juggled his duties at Adelaide's Trinity College and with Central District in the SANFL with aplomb

10:14am Nov 21, 2018