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Keenan the inspiration

Keenan Ramsey meets Jordan Osborn Crows rookie Keenan Ramsey recently met with brave youngster Jordan Osborn who lost an eye to Unilateral Retinoblastoma - the same cancer that affected Keenan as a child. Vision courtesy of Channel 7.
Mum and Dad let me do everything and never said I couldn’t do anything because of my eye.
Keenan Ramsey

Keenan Ramsey’s story is an inspiration to many, but none more so than brave youngster Jordan Osborn.

Ramsey was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, or cancer of the eye, as a two-year-old and specialists were forced to remove the eye after six months of chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading.

But Ramsey didn’t let it stop him pursuing his passion for football. His talent and determination saw him picked up by the Crows at last year’s AFL Rookie Draft.

“I didn’t really think anything of it,” Ramsey said.

“Mum and Dad let me do everything and never said I couldn’t do anything because of my eye.”

An avid sportsman himself, Jordan also lost an eye after his own battle with retinoblastoma. The talented youngster, who is a valuable member of his local cricket and football club, has been inspired by Keenan’s incredible journey.

Jordan recently had the opportunity to meet his hero in what was a special moment for the entire Osborn family.

“The fact that Keenan has come through and now has made an AFL list is an inspiration, because Jordan now has no limits,” Jordan’s father Damien said.

“He sees no boundaries in sport and life.

“We bought an Adelaide membership for Jordan because because I think it’s a really special thing that they did really investing in someone like Keenan, even though he’s obviously talented enough to make (an AFL) list, but I thought it was just really inspirational what they did.”

Ramsey was also moved by Jordan’s story, and said he was humbled that he could inspire the youngster to pursue his dreams.

“For Jordan to play cricket because I’m playing football, that’s great,” he said.

“If I can help anyone with anything it’s a big privilege.”

Ramsey has been one of Adelaide’s shining lights in the SANFL this year.

The 192cm, 86kg rookie has missed just one SANFL game in his first season of League football, averaging 10 disposals and five marks a game and currently sits second in Adelaide’s SANFL goalkicking with 17 majors.

His hard-working attitude and outgoing personality has already made him one of the Club’s favourites off the field as well.

Ramsey still recalls the first day he arrived to the Club to meet with coach Phil Walsh and his new teammates.

“The first day I got to the Club, I got up the front and Phil asked us ‘what are we famous for?’”, he said.

“I thought it’d be a great time to tell everyone and sort of break the ice and took my eye out, and he was quick to tell me to sit down.

“I think he got a bit scared, so that was pretty funny.”

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