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August 28, 2015 10:58 AM

Brodie Smith answered a selection of fan questions on our Club Facebook account

Brodie Smith answered a selection of fan questions on our Club Facebook account

Crows defender Brodie Smith took over the Club's Facebook account on Friday for a flash Q&A session with our fans on social media.

Smith revealed his pre-game superstitions, his all-time favourite win at the Club, and even shared a story about an embarrasing goal celebration during his junior soccer days. One lucky fan won a signed Sherrin just for taking part.

Check out our recap of some of the best questions below, and don't forget to 'Like' the Crows on Facebook.


Ben Taylor: Which Crow of the past would you like to have had the chance to play football with and why?
Brodie Smith: Probably Roo. Tough player & reckon he would've been good to play alongside.

Grant Cooper: Big must be into Fantasy Footy - Should I get Lairdy in for Hodge?
Brodie Smith: Laird should be your captain. He's a star.

Richie McKinnon: Do you have a left foot?
Brodie Smith: Yes, it's only used for balance.

Monique Jacobs: Who is your favourite player in the whole league?
Brodie Smith: Chris Judd. I'll need a new one now though.

Renee Tolmer: re you part of the east side sipper crew?
Brodie Smith: No, I only sip on the West side. I don't like the dirty air out that way.

Brodie Roffe: Hey mate just wondering who is quicker outta you the danger man and jetts? All 3 of yous can run like race horses.
Brodie Smith: Anthony Wilson's got us all covered.

Brayden Howe: Who's your most annoying team mate?
Brodie Smith: Jaensch easily.

Amanda Walmsley: Do you have any superstitious 'before game' rituals that you must carry out?
Brodie Smith: I like to run out the front of the group. I let Tex go first of course.

Becca Evans: Bro-Smit, What's been you favourite win at the Club?
Brodie Smith: The last Showdown win was massive for a number of reasons.

Lachy Rowe: What do you like to eat pre-game?
Brodie Smith: Always pasta the night before and a chicken sandwich about 3 hours before the game.

Maureen Chambers: Just loving watching you play. Which young player at the club now do you think will be a star like you for the club?
Brodie Smith: We have some great young players coming through. Harrison 'chisel' Wigg will be a star.

Emily Pease: Who's been your toughest opponent?
Brodie Smith: I tagged Stevie J back in 2012 and that was a long, long day.

Ryan Delonge Power: Hey mate goodluck for the weekend!! When you score on the can you do the shirt over the head celebration please?!!!
Brodie Smith: I did that once as a kid playing soccer. Turns out I was offside and the goal didnt count...very embarrassing.

Danny Dman Levering: Who do u think has the second best right foot to you in the league?
Brodie Smith: Great Question. Matt Jaensch has a terrific right foot, we are missing it.

Rafael Ramos: Who would be the one player most likely to do a 'drop kick' in our team?
Brodie Smith: Talia did one a couple of years ago, when he finds himself close to goal he gets really nervous.


Thanks for all the questions for Brodie Smith! Smithers is off to train now, but you can check out his answers below #weflyasone

Posted by Adelaide Football Club on Thursday, August 27, 2015