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January 22, 2016 10:16 AM

Know Your Crow: Paul Seedsman Get to know everything about Crows recruit Paul Seedsman.
Paul Seedsman   (Photo: Adelaide Crows FC)

Paul Seedsman (Photo: Adelaide Crows FC)

Our ‘Know Your Crow’ series is back for 2016!

Paul Seedsman was one of four new recruits to join the Club during last year’s Trade Period.

The long-kicking wingman tells why he dreads beach recovery sessions and why he can’t wait to play at Adelaide Oval.

Click the play button above to watch Know Your Crow with Paul Seedsman.

What’s your nickname? ‘Poppy’ is one that they use here, just as in ‘poppy seeds’

What was your first job? My first official job was at Cold Rock, the ice cream joint. I also used to do a fair bit of work for my Dad in the warehouse of his company

What’s your biggest fear? There are numerous! I hate heights and I hate sharks, but probably swimming in open water is the biggest one. I’m petrified of that!

What’s your middle name? Robert

Best sport outside of football? The sport I play now is golf, but I don’t think I’m any good at it! I used to play a bit of cricket and basketball growing up. I tried my hand at most sports