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Know Your Crow: Gore

January 25, 2016 1:53 PM

Know Your Crow: Dean Gore Get to know all about Crows recruit Dean Gore.

Our ‘Know Your Crow’ series is back for 2016!

Dean Gore was one of four new recruits to join the Club during last year’s Trade Period.

A Crows fan growing up, the South Australian has already picked up one of the best (or worst?) nicknames going around at the Club. Dean will also be keeping a close eye on the Australian Open if his celebrity crush is anything to go by…

Read a sample of Gore's answers below and see all his responses in the video player at the top of the page.

What’s your nickname?
I’ve got a few nicknames so far. I started off with ‘Apples’ – Apples, core, Gore, so that’s pretty ordinary by ‘Tex’. Then Frank Gore, he’s an NFL player. JJ came up with that one. There’s been a few others like Al Gore and things like that. There’s been a few funny ones.

Which AFL team did you support growing up and why?
I was a Crows fan just because all my family when I was growing up they all supported the Crows. I came along to games when I was younger and followed them all the way until I got drafted.

What’s your favourite TV show?
I got into Suits through the year. I really love Suits, it’s pretty interesting and there’s a few good looking women on there which is nice. It’s a really interesting show and I like it.

What’s your best sport outside of football?
I played a bit of cricket when I was younger. I played a little bit down in town when I was younger and then at Hahndorf in the later years before I got drafted. I was a hack of bastman and I used to bowl a bit of pace, but then I’d bowl a few leggies and get smashed.

What’s your biggest fear?
I hate heights, or just being scared of the dark. I’m pretty bad with the dark!