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BCD: Sauce on the run

Sam Jacobs in his role as the runner for Ardrossan on the weekend
Sam Jacobs in his role as the runner for Ardrossan on the weekend

Sauce hits the ground running

A few days after helping Adelaide to a win over North Melbourne, Sam Jacobs threw his support behind the Kangaroos – the Ardrossan Kangaroos. Crows players had the weekend off following Thursday night’s game, but the big man isn’t one to put his feet up.

Instead, Sauce jumped at the chance to go home to his beloved Yorke Peninsula and support his local football team. The 202cm ruckman donned the lime green as the runner for Ardrossan’s A-Grade clash with the CY Cougars at Maitland. 

Unfortunately, Sauce’s superb relaying of messages wasn’t enough and the Roos went down by 15 goals. Jacobs plans to pull on the boots for Ardrossan once he retires from the AFL - hopefully, a fair few years down the track yet.

West Lakes Whodunit

Brodie Smith fell victim to one of the oldest locker room pranks in the book last week.

The All Australian defender headed into the Club for physio and some weights work on the football department day off last Tuesday.

It was only after Smith got changed after his session and started driving home that he felt an uncomfortable burning sensation, and realised someone had basted his underwear in Deep Heat.

Smith and midfielder Matt Crouch were both quick to point the finger at a mischievous teammate.

“My first phone call went to Rory Atkins, who was at the footy club too,” Smith told FIVEaa.

“He strongly denied it. I think ‘Tex’ (Taylor Walker) would be my next suspect. I reckon it’s definitely one of them. I’ll find out and they’ll get theirs, don’t worry.”

Atkins continued to deny responsibility, insisting he too had been a victim of the mystery prankster.

“That happened to myself as well, I just didn’t put it all over social media!” Atkins said.

“We have a few culprits in mind. I’m not naming names because when we find out, we’ll save it for a rainy day and they’ll get theirs.”

Some might say it’s payback for Smithers, who recently teamed up with Rory Laird to ‘catch’ unsuspecting teammates in a fishing prank

Rorys reunited in song

It started towards the end of last season, but the tradition of the three ‘Rorys’ together in the team song appears to be here to stay. Rory Sloane, Rory Laird and Rory Atkins first stood side by side in the song after Rat’s second game against Gold Coast in Round 17, 2015.

The trio drifted apart in the song the rest of the season and we thought, maybe, the novelty of the Rory treble had worn off. That was until the namesakes came together again following victory over Richmond in Round Three this year. Even when Laird was sidelined by a fractured toe, Sloane and Atkins stuck together in the celebrations. It’s now become a talking point among fans on social media, who keep an eye out for the trio after every Crows win.

Crow Clone

Nick Xenophon Team for Hindmarsh and former SANFL footballer Daniel Kirk or Crows defender Kyle Cheney?

It's a big week for both men, with Kirk preparing for Election Day and also hoping to qualify for the Rio Paralympics and Cheney getting ready to face former club, Melbourne, at the MCG.