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SANFL stats: Round 18

All the stats from Adelaide’s four-point loss to South Adelaide at Hickinbotham Oval on Saturday

Ben Jarman: 29 disposals, seven marks, six clearances, six inside 50ms, three rebound 50ms

Scott Thompson: 28 disposals, 11 tackles, eight clearances, six inside 50ms, four marks, two goals

Harrison Wigg: 27 disposals, 12 marks, eight tackles, six inside 50ms, five clearances

Curtly Hampton: 20 disposals, nine clearances, seven tackles, six marks, six inside 50ms

Paul Hunter: 19 disposals, 10 marks, four inside 50ms, three tackles, one goal

Andy Otten: 16 disposals, four rebound 50ms, two marks, one tackle

Tom Doedee: 15 disposals, 12 marks, three rebound 50ms, one inside 50ms

Kyle Cheney: 14 disposals, seven marks, one rebound 50m, one inside 50m

Dean Gore: 13 disposals, five rebound 50ms, three inside 50ms, three marks

Matthew Signorello: 12 disposals, four marks, one clearance, one goal

Ben Jarman saved his best performance of the season until last

Damon Hill*: 12 disposals, four marks, four tackles, one inside 50m, one rebound 50m

Myles Poholke: 11 disposals, six tackles, four inside 50ms, three marks, one tackle, one goal

Ben Davis: 11 disposals, four marks, four inside 50ms, three goals

Reilly O’Brien: 11 disposals, 33 hit-outs, six marks, four tackles, one goal

Lachlan Murphy*: Nine disposals, four marks, three clearances, three inside 50ms, two tackles, two goals

Troy Menzel: Nine disposals, six tackles, four marks, three inside 50ms, one goal

Joshua Wittwer*: Nine disposals, seven marks, one tackle, one inside 50m

Harry Dear: Six disposals, three marks, two inside 50ms, one tackle

Tyson Lever*: Six disposals, two marks, one inside 50m

Ryan Marini*: Six disposals, one inside 50m

Josh Vandermeer*: Four disposals, three tackles, two marks, one clearance

*Denotes development player