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November 2, 2017 3:35 PM

The No.5 at Adelaide has become available for the first time since 2004

The No.5 at Adelaide has become available for the first time since 2004

Some of Adelaide’s most famous numbers are up for grabs in Season 2018.

List changes and retirement have created vacancies in lockers previously owned by the likes of Tony Modra, Andrew McLeod, Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin.

For the first time since 2004, the No.5 is also available.

Scott Thompson, who retired at the end of the season, has worn the jumper for the last 13 years.

The dual Club Champion holds the record for games played (269) for Adelaide in the No.5.

The neighbouring No.6 locker will also have a new owner.

The guernsey was most recently worn in 56 AFL games by defender Jake Lever, who joined Melbourne in last month’s trade period.

Crows great Tony Modra, who played 118 matches in the jumper, is the Club’s most famous No.6.

The remaining available single-digit number is No.1.

Rookie Jono Beech, whose contract was not renewed for 2018, has worn the jumper for the last two seasons.

Beech played three AFL games in the number after taking it over from forward-turned-coach James Podsiadly.

Interestingly, the No.1 at Adelaide is yet to produce a 100-game player, with Greg Anderson still holding the games record (59).

The next vacant locker in numerical order is No.10.

Midfielder Harrison Wigg, who was traded to Gold Coast, is the most recent owner of the jumper.

Wigg started in the No.35, but switched to No.10 for the 2017 season following the departure of Matthew Jaensch, who was the last Crow to wear the guernsey in an AFL game.

Inaugural captain Chris McDermott, who holds the Crows games record in the jumper, played 117 matches in the No.10 jumper, before Matthew Robran moved into the locker in Adelaide’s 1997 premiership season.

Three other popular, premiership-winning numbers – 23, 32 and 36 – are on offer.

The No.23 most commonly associated with dual Norm Smith Medallist McLeod is available following Charlie Cameron’s move to the Brisbane Lions.

Cameron wore the jumper in 66 games after pulling on the No.42 in his first seven AFL appearances.

McLeod (340) donned the No.23 in all of his 340 games.

The past three owners of the number have been Indigenous players: McLeod, Jared Petrenko and Cameron. Peter McIntyre was the first person to wear No.23 in an AFL game for the Crows.

The No.32 has also only been worn by four players, Bruce Lindsay, Ricciuto, Patrick Dangerfield and Troy Menzel. Brownlow Medallist Ricciuto holds the record for most games in the jumper (312).

Menzel, who left the Club at the end of the season, played four matches in the guernsey in 2017.

The No.36, which has only had three owners, hasn’t been worn for Adelaide in an AFL game since 2015.

Young midfielder Dean Gore is the most recent occupant of the jumper, but didn’t play a senior match in his two years at West Lakes.

Former captain Goodwin played 275 games in No.36 – the Club record.

The No.28 is currently also available after the delisting of Cam Ellis-Yolmen, but the Club has committed to re-drafting the midfielder in the Rookie Draft if he is available.

As a general rule, existing players get the first opportunity to change numbers before traded players and draftees are offered or given their numbers.

Two of the vacant numbers will be taken by recruits Bryce Gibbs and Sam Gibson. Gibbs wore No.4 at Carlton, while Gibson was No.43 for North Melbourne.

New numbers will be revealed on as they are confirmed over the coming weeks.

Numbers won’t be finalised until after the Rookie Draft on November 27.

Vacant numbers: 1, 5, 6, 10, 23, 28*, 32, 36