The AFL has confirmed the 'stand rule' will be one of two new rules brought into play for the 2021/22 NAB AFLW season.

First implemented in the current AFL season, the rule was created too late into the AFLW pre-season to be used in the women's season earlier this year.

The other new rule will see the player on mark at kick-ins to be brought back from 10m to 15m, as has also been the case in the current AFL season.

The 'stand rule' sees the player on the mark unable to move laterally on their line once set by the umpire – jumping on the spot is permitted, but moving sideways is not, until the umpire calls "play on".

"Season Five of the NAB AFL Women’s competition saw our best season yet with AFLW supporters witnessing a more open and attacking style of football that featured less congestion, less stoppages and higher scores," AFL head of women's football Nicole Livingstone said.

"As the AFLW continues to evolve, we are seeing an increase in defensive structures and these two adjustments aim to continue to encourage more open ball movement and provide a balance between attack and defence.

"While encouraging an attacking style of play, we also aim to protect and enhance the unique characteristics of AFLW to ensure the game is the best it can be for all supporters.

"The athleticism and skills from both our experienced players and emerging talent continue to deliver high quality football and these adjustments aim to provide more opportunities for all players to showcase their talents and ultimately give supporters more of what they love."