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What is it?

Crows Academies were formed in 2017 to grow the game and develop talent that was underrepresented in the game of AFL. Our Crows Academies nurture, attract, inspire, develop and accelerate participants and talented players to the game of AFL. Through our many programs, we strive to increase the overall talent pool, educate and improve the depth of knowledge/skill set for young aspiring footballers.

What are the key pillars of the Academy?

Nurture - Attract - Inspire - Develop - Accelerate

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AFC Academies Overview

A quick look at everything involved in AFC academies.

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Bridgestone: Proudly supporting the Crows Female Academies

Crows Academies Manager Jarrod Meers speaks about the support Bridgestone has provided the Crows Female Academies in 2020.

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