Adelaide defender Luke Brown had his 2021 season cut short with a lingering Achilles injury, but the experienced Crow still has many memorable moments from the year. 

“There were some good wins,” Brown said.

“But the Melbourne win for me is probably the best memory.

“(It) really instilled a lot of belief in those young guys that we can match it and we can play some really good footy and that our game style does hold up.

“The feeling when that siren went, my favourite time when I play football is when we win and post-game in the change rooms and it’s really positive.

“That’s my favourite time at the football Club and that win was really important for us.”

The 28-year-old played 11 games this year, averaging 12.9 disposals at an impressive 81.7 per cent efficiency and 2.4 tackles.

“That’s my favourite time at the football Club and that win was really important for us.”

Club medical staff and Brown made the decision for him to undergo season-ending surgery on his left Achilles in July, to ensure he was ready for 2022.

Speaking to AFC Media, Brown said enduring an interrupted campaign was frustrating but was hopeful it would allow him to return in good shape ahead of next season.

“We were hoping that I could get through the year and then get it done in the off-season,” Brown said.

“But ultimately we called it and said for the best preparation for 2022, it’d be right to get the scar tissue scraped out now and hopefully the tendon will be fine.

“This year has been more about teaching the young guys and trying to educate them as much as possible.

“I guess that will probably be my big focus in the off-season and the pre-season, teaching these guys the things I’ve learnt throughout my career and trying to elevate their game and improve mine.”

Brown also paid tribute to Adelaide’s members and fans, urging them to stick with the Club as it looked to build on this season.

“I know it’s not easy seeing a team develop and rebuild, it can be challenging to watch,” Brown said.

“But hopefully they’ve seen this year some signs that our game style and the way we play is something they can be proud of.

“We are going to continue to improve and we have a lot of young guys who we’ve brought into the Club that still believe and drive standards and play the way we want to play.

“It is exciting, so thank you for staying strong with us, keep supporting us, we do have an exciting future in front of us.”