Adelaide new recruit Jordan Dawson was a massive Crows fan growing up in the state’s south-east.

And there was one player in particular - a premiership star and Club legend - who was Dawson’s hero as he worked toward forging his own AFL story.

But speaking on TripleM on Thursday morning, the 24-year-old with a booming left kick cheekily denied that his hero, Mark Ricciuto, enticed him to join the Club.

“I did idolise big Roo,” Dawson, 24, said.

“He was one of my idols growing up.

“But there was no barbeque involved (at his house).”

“He was one of my idols growing up.

The Crows secured Dawson via a trade with Sydney on Wednesday.

He landed at Adelaide in exchange for Melbourne’s future first-round draft selection, which the Crows acquired in a four-club trade last week.

Dawson said he was relieved a deal had been done and was keen to be closer to his family, who live in Robe.

“It’s good, I’m pretty stoked that it’s all done and I think Roo’s pretty happy with the result,” Dawson said.

“My girlfriend and myself were in Sydney (and) it is an awesome place to live but that family and friends connection is what we were sort of missing.

“She (Milly) is from Robe as well.”