He was Adelaide’s first selection at the 2021 AFL National Draft, but there’s still plenty of things to learn about Josh Rachele.

A handy basketballer, Rachele is keen to check out our suburban courts and, potentially, share the results on his favourite social media platform - TikTok.

To help you get to know him better, the young midfielder has answered 15 questions from food and holidays to his surprising travel buddy. 

1. What’s your favourite cheat meal?

Pepper Mayo Sliders with Large Chips and a Frozen Pepsi.

2. Where’s your favourite place to holiday?

That would definitely be the Gold Coast. We have an apartment on Broadbeach through my grandparents and we head there pretty regularly. I like to hit the beach, go to the big shopping centres over there and relax.

3. Where would you like to travel – somewhere you haven’t been before – when the    world opens up?

Greece and Italy where my family is from. I haven’t been there yet so it’s definitely something I’d like to tick off. I’d like to go to the Greek Islands where my grandfather’s village is and then Sicily in Italy where my grandmother is from. I’d also like to go see the Colosseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

4. What’s your favourite sport?


 5. Do you have a favourite athlete?

If I had to say one, it would be Michael Jordan.

6. What’s the best sporting event you’ve been to?

An AFL final a few years ago between Richmond and Geelong.

7. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, twin brothers Isaac and Lucas and they are 15.

 8. What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Definitely my pillow. It’s come to boarding school with me, it’s come to Melbourne with me and now to Adelaide. It’s not leaving me anytime soon.

9. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?

Lachie Murphy has started calling me “Shelley” or “J-Rach”, that has stuck.

10. Do you prefer winter or summer and why?

I would say winter because I hate being hot, I like being on the cooler side. Winter is also when the footy season is.

11. Would you prefer to live near the beach or the country and why?

Definitely the beach. That’s an ideal place to live when I’m older.

12. What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

I would have to say TikTok at the moment. You can get addicted to it pretty quickly and can lose a good half an hour with what feels like two minutes, just watching videos. It’s a good variety of sport or dances and silly things.

13. What do you like to do on your day off?

Head to the beach, go out for coffee and lunch with friends and play basketball.

14. Chocolate or lollies and why?

I would have to say lollies… it’s a bit different but my favourite are the pineapple lollies. I am obsessed with them.

15. If you won $10 million, what would be the first thing you buy?

Definitely a beach house.