Adelaide defender Fischer McAsey has been sidelined by a stress fracture in his femur.

The 20-year-old reported groin tightness and leg pain last week and scans revealed an early stress fracture in his right femur.

McAsey recovered from a similar injury as a junior before being drafted in 2019.

It’s expected McAsey will spend the next 2-4 weeks doing non-weight bearing training before returning to running and then full training in about six weeks.

Adelaide High Performance Manager Darren Burgess said the injury was not expected to impact McAsey’s season.

“Thankfully it has been detected early and Fischer is in a good position to allow it to heal and return to training as soon as possible,” Burgess said.

“He has had a strong pre-season and at this stage we anticipate he will be in a position to play in the pre-season competition.”