Adelaide SANFL Senior Coach Mick Godden says his newly-structured side is ready for the upcoming season and has two goals in sight - develop youngsters and win.

Godden’s team will feature 15 SANFL-listed players, down from 23 last season, to help coaches give all players more one-on-one coaching.

Several new recruits have been added to the Crows top-up list.

They include former Central District small forward/wingman Isaya McKenzie, ex-Port Adelaide and Eagles midfielder Louis Sharrad as well as Chris Hall and Jacob Templeton (Eagles).

Godden, who will enter his second campaign as the Club’s SANFL head coach, is confident the team will be in a better position in 2022 with a strong mix of experience and youth.

“Last year, I found that we weren’t able to give them what they needed to be able to play at that level, in terms of our education,” Godden said.

“So we have reduced that this year, which does mean that now we can do some more one-on-one coaching with Sam Jacobs coming in as well.

“One of the things I was also looking to do was to add some SANFL experience.

“We have a young, inexperienced AFL squad playing in the SANFL, so to help them, we need guys who are experienced at SANFL level.

“Those are the guys (Hall, McKenzie, Sharrad) who are adding to our program but obviously we’ve retained a number of guys from last year, too.

“All in all, the players we’ve recruited, plus the ones we have retained, will give us experience to help educate our AFL younger players.”

“There is no secret I am keen to win.

Godden said developing players would be a big priority but winning was also high on the agenda.

“First and foremost we are trying to provide the AFL team with the best depth possible while giving them the discipline, the grounding and the game plan to help them contribute at AFL level,” he said.

“But also, we are a SANFL team and we are there to win it.

“Even last year when we were in the match, the passion that these guys show post-match when we lose, it’s more than people understand.

“There is no secret I am keen to win.”