Crows leader Tom Doedee has described young forward Tariek Newchurch as “lightning” following the early sessions of pre-season.

Adelaide’s players returned to training last week following the Christmas break and Doedee was on deck from day dot.

Like every year, several players have grabbed the attention of coaches and players - including Newchurch.

“Tariek had a bit of an interrupted break but when he’s on, he’s lightning out there,” Doedee said.

“He could add another element to our forward line certainly.

“Tariek has taken a huge step.”

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Tom Doedee Presser Jan 17

Tom Doedee speaks to media via Zoom.

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Another player on Doedee’s radar was Ned McHenry, who, according to the defender, had “taken another step in the leadership role”.

“He doesn’t mind yapping, talks a lot in general, but on the field he’s been incredible with direction,” Doedee said.

“We’re very pleased with his ability to train at the level, run at the level but then also voice and demand at an elite level.

“He’s taken a lot off some of the older boys and taken a huge step.

“They’re (McHenry and Newchurch) two of the standouts.

“But we’ve had a lot that have had a really good off-season, like Sholly (Lachlan Sholl), Harry Schoenberg (and) James Borlase is running really well.”

Heading into season 2022 with Covid-19 still affecting sporting competitions across the globe, Doedee said he would prefer the AFL avoid postponements in favour of giving young players a chance.

“With the list sizes we have, I’d prefer to keep playing,” he said.

“I don’t think any league in the world has got its management 100 per cent right, but from a player point of view we just want to play.

“I know the EPL postponed games and now they have to play catch up.

“As long as the players are capable and testing negative, then I don’t think postponements would be needed.”