Adelaide forward Taylor Walker and former Best and Fairest winner Bernie Vince were teammates and housemates during their time together at the Club.  

At one stage the pair even shared one of man’s best mates - for a good cause. 

But, speaking to Triple M’s Roo, Ditts & Loz following a segment on ‘sickies’, Walker jokingly revealed that the spotlight once caught Vince out on the wrong foot, or, paw. 

“I was listening to the bloke who said he took a sickie and got caught on TV and it reminded me of when I was living with Bern (Bernie Vince) and we were both ambassadors for the Royal Society of the Blind, which is a guide dog association,” Walker said. 

“Bernie was under an injury cloud one week and the rule was that Buddy, our puppy dog, wasn’t allowed to play with any balls.

“Bernie happened to take him down to the fitness test on a day off… and the cameras were down there watching him kick footys around to the dog.

“They rang him up and accused him of it and he said, ‘Oh nah, that was one of my mate’s dogs’.”

The dog-cident certainly didn’t get in the way of Walker and Vince’s friendship, with the latter penning an open letter for Walker’s 200th-game milestone in 2020.