Adelaide Oval will retain a unique size factor when football returns to the venue this year.

The redevelopment included some changes to the ground’s shape but at 167m long and 124m wide (wing boundary line to boundary line) it will not be an exact match with any of the regular 2014 AFL venues.

Greater Western Sydney’s playing home at Skoda Stadium (164x127.5) is the closest in size to the new Adelaide Oval, which is two metres longer than AAMI Stadium and nine metres wider.

Etihad Stadium, where the Crows play three times this year, is seven metres shorter but nearly four metres wider. And the MCG is also seven metres shorter but is the widest (141m) in the competition.

The AFL’s shortest venue is the 152.5m long Sydney Cricket Ground, which is a cricket pitch shorter than Perth’s Paterson’s Stadium (175m). Geelong’s Simonds Stadium is the narrowest AFL venue (115m wide).

AFL venue sizes
Adelaide Oval: 167 x 124
Melbourne Cricket Ground: 160 x 141
Eithad Stadium (Melbourne): 159.5 x 128.8
Simonds Stadium (Geelong): 170 x 115
Sydney Cricket Ground: 152.5 x 136
Skoda Stadium (Sydney): 164 x 127.5
ANZ Stadium (Sydney): 160 x 118
Gabba (Brisbane): 156 x 138
Metricon Stadium (Gold Coast): 161 x 134
Patersons Stadium (Perth): 175 x 122 ?
Blundstone Arena (Hobart): 160 x 124