Adelaide forward Darcy Fogarty has enjoyed a strong month.

He notched his 50th AFL game against the Kangaroos, has booted 10 goals across the past four matches, has been nominated for Goal of the Year (Round 14) and Mark of the Year (Round 15).

But it hasn’t always come easy for Fogarty, who the Crows selected at the 2017 AFL Draft.

Speaking on this week’s episode of The Crows Show, Fogarty said trusting the process and the people around him were reasons behind his solid form.

“It gets frustrating at times when you might not be playing as well as you’d like and you’re not really sure why,” Fogarty said.

“But I think there is a big element of patience there.

“You just need to back the things you’re doing if you’re doing them well, and trust the players and the coaches that are around you and just have a little bit of backing in that things will eventually click and you’ll find your feet.”

“You just need to back the things you’re doing if you’re doing them well.

The 22-year-old said he had also worked hard to improve the physical and mental side of his game this season.

“(I) just sort of changed a few things off-field and got things sorted, so hopefully it keeps progressing in the right way,” Fogarty said

“At footy clubs there’s a lot of emphasis on the physical side of things, and I feel that I’ve learnt over the last few months that (mental side of footy) is very important in developing as well.”

Assistant Marco Bello said it was Fogarty’s dedication to improving around the ground and in front of goal that was impressing the coaches.

“He is starting to work out what his weapons are and how to utilise that for longer periods of the game,” Bello said.

“It’s his quick feet, his ability to jump at the ball, hit the contest hard, and obviously we know what he does when he gets the ball in hand, he finishes off.  

“We’re starting to see him work up the ground, we’re starting to see him work back when the ball’s not in his area. 

“He’s getting a well rounded game, it’s not what he only does in the contest, but now it’s away from the contest which is really pleasing.”

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