Crows players and administrators will be part of the AFL/AFLPA Indigenous and Multicultural Player Summit in Geelong this week.

AFL players Izak Rankine, Wayne Milera, Shane McAdam and Tariek Newchurch, along with Head Coach Matthew Nicks, CEO Tim Silvers, Indigenous Player Development Manager Shane Edwards, and First Nation Programs Manager Jeremy Johncock will be part of the event which runs from Wednesday, November 30 to Saturday December 3.

For the first time, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural players from both AFL and AFLW will participate in the four-day program that focuses on celebrating and strengthening cultural identity.

Last held in Adelaide in 2019, the biennial event was postponed last year due to the pandemic. It will provide players with a unique opportunity to connect through player-led cultural development sessions, football training and traditional activities with local communities.

Crows Head of Football Adam Kelly said the program would help the Club gain a greater understanding of current matters important to the League’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural players.

“The Summit is an important event to assist us in our commitment to recognising, welcoming, understanding and respecting people of all cultures and their communities,” Kelly said.

“It provides an opportunity to hear from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural players from across the country so we can ensure our Club and the game is respectful and inclusive for all.

“Our Club and the broader football industry has a responsibility to continue listening and learning from our players and their communities to help us provide an environment in which they can thrive and to make positive change where it is needed.”