A world class training, administration and community facility is the centrepiece of the Adelaide Football Club’s new five-year strategic vision announced tonight.

Called ‘Earn the Pride’, the plan encompasses a football-first focus and greater engagement with everyone in the Crows family, and maps out a path towards an era of sustained success both on and off the field.

Speaking at the Club’s Annual Members Meeting, Crows CEO Tim Silvers described the priorities within the strategy as ambitious and varied.

“Off the back of the global pandemic, we have worked tirelessly and rebounded to the point where there is now a strong platform from which to launch,” Silvers said.

“There has been encouraging progress with our men’s squad, while our SANFL team and dominant AFLW side, which now has three premierships, have featured prominently in finals last year.

“We are fortunate to have a large and passionate member and supporter base and central to their connection is the need for a sense of pride.

“Winning premierships is the ultimate to which we all aspire and it’s the reason why we turn up to work each day.

“However, pride also comes from the way we carry ourselves on and off the field and in the community, as well as respecting and honouring our people and achievements of years gone by.”

The top strategic priorities to be achieved by 2027 include but are not limited to:

  • A premiership for the AFL team
  • Sustained AFLW success highlighted by a fourth flag
  • A membership tally of 100,000
  • Community programs accessible to 100,000 participants
  • Relocate the entire Club to its new home base by 2026

Silvers described the proposed state-of-the-art training, administration and community facility as an inter-generational project, which would future proof the Club’s asset base.

“There is a great deal to achieve over the next five years and none is more important than establishing a new headquarters and an official home ground for our AFLW team,” he said.

“It plays an integral role in our ability to deliver on other priority initiatives, albeit the Club’s greatest strength is and always will be our people-first culture.

“The way we interact and behave, along with the way we hold each other accountable to elite standards, will determine whether we fulfil our potential and ultimately deliver the type of on-field success we all so desperately want.

“We exist to play finals footy and it’s what we all desire, especially our members and supporters, and we are determined to deliver on that in a sustained manner.”

The Club will provide its members with updates on the progress of its strategic priorities.